Who is cbgray? Age, Ethnicity

cbgray is a content creator, active as a Twitch streamer, YouTuber, Software Developer, and gamer. He has garnered recognition for his engaging Destiny streams.

cbgray was born on November 13, 1995, in Virginia, United States, making him 28 years old as of 2024. He identifies with an African American ethnicity.

Bio, Real Name

His real name is Christian. He holds American nationality. Born under the Scorpio zodiac sign, cbgray’s early years remain somewhat mysterious.

Family and Early Gaming Beginnings

Details regarding cbgray’s parents’ professions and his siblings, if any, are undisclosed.

However, his passion for gaming ignited at a young age, starting with Nintendo games, followed by ventures into Pokémon on Gameboy and Mario. These experiences laid the foundation for his lifelong love affair with gaming.


Information about cbgray’s educational background remains unknown, adding to the enigma surrounding his early life.

YouTube Career

With a subscriber base exceeding 253K and total views surpassing 51 million, cbgray generates substantial revenue from his YouTube channel.

Since joining YouTube on June 23, 2016, he has consistently uploaded Destiny videos, totalling over 1.1K videos by February 2024.

Notably, his most viewed video, ‘Destiny 2 | How to Solve Mysterious Datapad! How to Beat Mission & Quest That Follows!,’ has garnered over 525K views and generated approximately $1K in revenue, according to Influencer Marketing Hub.

Social Blade estimates his monthly YouTube income to range between $55 to $885, with a yearly income averaging between $664 to $10.6K.

Twitch Career

cbgray’s Twitch channel, boasting over 70.1K followers, serves as another lucrative revenue stream. Rough estimations suggest that his Twitch streams yield over $100 per session, contributing to his yearly earnings of over $15K from Twitch activities.

In addition to subscriber revenue, cbgray benefits from sponsorships, advertisements, and donations on Twitch.

With a diversified income stream from both YouTube and Twitch, cbgray continues to thrive as a content creator in the gaming community.

Net Worth 2024, Income

As of 2024, cbgray boasts an estimated net worth ranging from $10K to $100K. Renowned for his Destiny 2 content, he has amassed a significant following on YouTube.

cbgray: Relationship Status

cbgray maintains a private stance on his personal life, choosing not to divulge extensive details.

While cbgray’s relationship status is not explicitly disclosed, he has refrained from discussing any romantic involvements publicly.

His penchant for privacy leaves his dating life shrouded in mystery. While speculation about potential relationships may arise, cbgray’s current single status remains unconfirmed.

Height, Weight

cbgray has opted not to disclose his height and weight at present, preserving an air of intrigue surrounding his physical attributes.

He has black hair and a pair of brown eyes.

Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, TikTok

He is active on social media sites including Twitter, Instagramand TikTok. He has over 19K followers on his Twitter account @cbgray. Similarly, he has around 11.5K followers on his Instagram.

His TikTok account has more than 24.6K followers and has amassed more than 684K likes.

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