Who is Jameskii? Age, Ethnicity

Jameskii, a Danish-American content creator on YouTube. He gained prominence for his humorous take on video games and parody content. His channel features comedic improv, gaming, and funny moments videos.

He was born on May 30, 1997, and as of 2024, his age is 26. He is of Danish ethnic background.

Where is Jameskii from? Bio, Real Name, Parents, Education

Jameskii hails from Copenhagen, Denmark, and his real name is James Swire. Residing in the United States, he is recognized as a gamer and streamer.

Details regarding his parents, early upbringing, siblings, and other relatives remain undisclosed. Similarly, information about his educational background remains elusive, although he reminisces about a challenging period studying in Russia.

At some juncture, Jameskii relocated to Los Angeles, California. Additionally, he has mentioned a nomadic childhood, having lived in various places, including Poland.

Jameskii: Career, Profession

YouTube Success and Earnings

With over 2.23 million subscribers and a staggering 500 million views on his YouTube channel, this popular streamer is enjoying substantial earnings from his official platform.

Having joined YouTube on December 11, 2014, his first video, ‘E3 2016 in a nutshell,’ debuted in June 2016, quickly accumulating over 250k views. Subsequent uploads witnessed a dramatic surge in viewership, with his next two videos amassing nearly 5 million views collectively.

Consistently delivering humorous content across a diverse array of games like CS: GO, Skyrim, Rainbow Six, and more, he has maintained an active presence on the platform. As of September 2023, he has shared over 240 videos, garnering nearly 490 million views and surpassing 2.2 million subscribers.

Jameskii’s YouTube earnings are estimated to exceed $1 million, with an average income of around $600 per video. Notably, his most-watched video, ‘Uganda Knuckles (VRChat),’ boasting over 14 million views, has generated approximately $26k in revenue according to Influencer Marketing Hub. Numerous videos with over 5 million views contribute significantly to his income, including ‘CS: GO but in VR 2,’ which has generated more than $21k in revenue.

According to Social Blade, his monthly earnings range from $1.2K to $19.5K, with yearly income estimated between $14.6K and $234.2K.

Twitch Earnings and Additional Revenue Streams

Jameskii’s Twitch channel, boasting more than 334K followers, adds another income stream to his portfolio.

On average, his Twitch streams generate over $170 per stream, according to rough estimates from Influencer Marketing Hub. However, it’s important to note that these figures exclude donations to Twitch, which further contribute to his earnings.

Additionally, streamers like Jameskii augment their income through merchandise sales, sponsorships, monthly subscriptions, and other revenue streams.

Net Worth 2024, Income

Jameskii has an estimated net worth of around $500k as of 2024. He is famous for uploading parody content of video games and web culture. He also regularly uploads on Twitch.

He has a merch line with hoodies, T-shirts, and many more.

Is Jameskii married? Girlfriend, Wife

Regarding his personal life, Jameskii maintains privacy and hasn’t divulged many details.

Jameskii remains tight-lipped about his dating life and hasn’t disclosed any relationships thus far. While there’s a possibility of a relationship under wraps, he hasn’t confirmed anything publicly.

His dating history remains undisclosed, leading to the assumption that Jameskii is currently single and without a girlfriend.

Allegations Against YouTuber, Twomad

On February 14, 2024, a day following Twomad’s death from a drug overdose, James took to Twitter [2] to accuse him of grave offences.

James alleged that Twomad was a rapist, paedophile, and had made attempts to murder him on multiple occasions. Moreover, James claimed that Twomad drove recklessly while under the influence of illegal substances and preyed upon a 13-year-old in a mental health facility.

This was followed by a second tweet on February 16, 2024, where James asserted that Twomad had fired a bullet into his office, leading James to wear a bulletproof vest in public.

James described witnessing a SWAT team with ballistic shields outside his residence, necessitating his cooperation with an anti-terrorism unit, as Twomad made threats implying control over individuals’ lives at TwitchCon, resulting in the convention centre being surrounded by police SUVs.

In a third tweet, James claimed that Justa Minx actively impeded investigations by disclosing confidential information from authorities to Twomad and encouraged Twomad to end his own life for extended periods leading up to his death, a topic Minx discussed on streams.

In a fourth tweet, James provided footage purportedly showing Twomad with real firearms and a photo allegedly depicting Twomad pointing a pistol at the aforementioned 13-year-old. Additionally, James received a video privately recorded before a BTS concert in December 2021.

James’ allegations received a mixed response, with criticisms regarding their timing following Twomad’s passing and initial lack of evidence. Some surfaced a full video of Twomad’s interaction with the girl, suggesting the pistol he showed her was a BB gun. Despite this, none of James’ claims have been conclusively verified.

Pedophilia Allegations against Jameskii

Amid the Twomad allegations, numerous users on X began asserting that James was, in fact, culpable in the situation. Some claimed that James attempted to groom them and diverted attention by implicating Twomad.

To date, Jameskii has not publicly addressed these allegations of grooming and paedophilia. Additionally, a parody account using James’s likeness joked about him using racial slurs, though this allegation remains unverified.

Height, Weight

Jameskii’s height measures 5 feet 10 inches, whereas he has not disclosed his weight. Nevertheless, he appears to maintain a moderate weight and has consistently kept his physique in good shape over time.

He has light brown hair and brown eyes.

Jameskii: Instagram, Twitter

He maintains an active presence on various social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram.

His Twitter account boasts over 133k followers, while his Instagram account has garnered more than 122k followers.

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