Who is MarcusKron? Age, Ethnicity

MarcusKron is an Italian content-digital creator, Barbuto Youtuber Streamer Gamer. He has gained prominence primarily for his Minecraft streams.

MarcusKron’s birth date remains undisclosed, but he hails from Italy. As of 2024, his exact age remains unknown, although he appears to be in his 30s.

MarcusKron Real Name, Ethnicity, Family

Known professionally as MarcusKron, his given name is Marcus. Embracing his Italian heritage, MarcusKron has performed a face reveal, allowing his audience to connect with his persona on a more personal level.

Details regarding MarcusKron’s parents and siblings are unavailable, as he has chosen not to disclose information about his family.

Gaming Beginnings and Education

MarcusKron’s affinity for gaming developed from a young age, with Minecraft capturing his heart early on. While he hasn’t delved into specifics about his education, he appears to be well-educated.

YouTube and Twitch Presence

Having joined YouTube on March 5, 2012, MarcusKron has consistently uploaded content, showcasing his Minecraft expertise.

His debut video, ‘Minecraft [Technic Pack] – Un giro nel mio mondo,’ garnered over 29K views, setting the stage for his channel’s growth.

To date, he has shared more than 4.7K videos, accumulating over 150.4 million views and surpassing 295K subscribers. Leveraging both platforms, MarcusKron’s combined earnings contribute to his net worth, estimated at $190K.


With a Twitch following exceeding 124K, MarcusKron’s streams generate an average income of over $50 per session, according to rough estimations from Influencer Marketing Hub.

Boasting over 636 subscribers, he rakes in approximately $982 to $1,664 monthly, as per data from Streams Charts. Throughout the year, his Twitch earnings amount to an estimated average of $15K.


MarcusKron’s YouTube revenue is contingent on factors such as total views, subscriber count, and ad revenue. Notably, his video titled ‘TROLL SU MINECRAFT!’ has amassed over 757K views, translating to approximately $1500 in revenue, as reported by Influencer Marketing Hub.

Several other videos with view counts surpassing 200K contribute significantly to his earnings. Social Blade estimates his monthly YouTube income to range between $67 to $1.1K, with a yearly income averaging between $799 to $12.8K.

With nearly 300K subscribers and over 150 million total views on his channel, MarcusKron has solidified his position as a profitable YouTube content creator.

Net Worth 2024, Income

As of 2024, MarcusKron’s estimated net worth stands at around $190K, propelled by his prominence in the Minecraft gaming sphere.

MarcusKron: Relationship Details

MarcusKron’s personal life includes an ongoing romantic relationship.

He is in a romantic relationship with social media influencer Sofia Mina Delle Cave since at least 2016. Sofia is recognized as a social media personality, model, and creator on OnlyFans.

MarcusKron and Sofia have sustained a committed relationship for an extended period, frequently sharing snapshots of their time on social media. Sofia also makes appearances in MarcusKron’s streams and YouTube content.

While MarcusKron and Sofia have maintained privacy regarding the intricacies of their relationship, their consistent presence together suggests a strong and enduring bond. Presently, Marcus resides with his girlfriend in Dubai.

MarcusKron: Height, Weight

MarcusKron has chosen not to disclose his height, but he has been transparent about his weight loss journey. In April 2023, he successfully shed 36 kg, reducing from 128 kg to 98 kg. He possesses golden brown hair and captivating brown eyes.

Social Media Presence: Instagram, Twitter

Active across various social media platforms, MarcusKron maintains an engaging presence on both Twitter and Instagram. His Twitter handle, @MarcusKronYT, boasts a following of over 4.2K, while his Instagram account garners around 55.8K followers.

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