Trisha Paytas

Youtuber Trisha Paytas And Moses Hacmon Recently Started Teasing Baby Names!

In a video titled “I’m Pregnant” posted to YouTube on February 14, 2022, YouTuber Trisha Paytas declared that she was nine weeks pregnant.

Paytas claimed that after eight years of infertility, they were in shock to learn of their pregnancy. They would have to use IVF, the doctors had told them, as they would never be able to have children. Having said that, Paytas and Moses Hacmon, her husband, had been attempting to get pregnant. On their honeymoon in January of this year, they also discovered they were expecting.

They were concerned about the early stages of pregnancy because it had been so challenging to become pregnant.

The YouTuber claimed that instead of using the trip to go on boats or jet skis, the couple converted their honeymoon into a babymoon by “googling food and nutrients to take for the baby.” Paytas claimed that after beginning their spiritual journey last year and visualizing having a child, the pregnancy became feasible.

Moses Hacmon and Trisha Paytas Share a Baby Name

The pair posted a video about baby names they like but wouldn’t be using on June 20, 2022, in response to several requests from their followers. Because they would not be releasing their child’s name at this time, Paytas stated that they had a few alternatives but would not be utilizing them.

Moses was the first name on Paytas’ list, but they were crossing it off since their spouse opposed it. After the famous character played by Adam Sandler, Zohan, and Ice, which they both thought was cool, were chosen as the second and third names.

Paytas also mentioned that they had enjoyed Diesel since they were young, but Hacmon suggested that since they have liked them in the past, they may now be out of style. After Keanu Reeves, they also discussed Syed, Gerard, and Keanu.

The first choice on their list for the girl was Cookie, but Hacmon rejected it since he didn’t want to give their child a food-related name. Additionally, they had Priscilla, the vampire from the Broadway production of Queen of the Damned, and Reneesme, Kate after Kate Bush.

The Indian goddess of prosperity and beauty Laxmi touched the hearts of the couple as well.

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Moses Hacmon and Trisha Paytas Having a Daughter

Despite having names for boys, the couple decided to save them because they were having a daughter.

They announced they were having a girl while shooting pink confetti cannons in a video of their gender reveal that they published on April 10, 2022.
They assumed they were having a male, so they were astonished to learn they were having a daughter.

Everyone has been saying that the baby is a male. In the video, Paytas remarked, “They’re like, ‘Oh if you don’t have morning sickness it’s a boy, if you’re beaming it’s a boy.

The gender was already known to the YouTuber prior to the gender reveal, which they did in a video titled “17 weeks bump date + we know the gender,” posted on YouTube on April 8, 2022.

However, they made no mention of any details and stated that they will reveal the gender to the public at their celebration.

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