Ximena From 'The Fosters'

Ximena From ‘The Fosters’ is Related to Lisseth Chavez’s Immigrant Family Roots

Lisseth Chavez is a Latina actress that comes from an immigrant household. She played Ximena Sinfuego, a DACA student, in The Fosters, a drama about a couple who cares for foster children.

The excellent actress feels humbled to have had the opportunity to grow in life after acting in the television series and portraying a character from an immigrant household.

Lisseth Chavez: Who Is She?

Lisseth Chavez is best recognized for her role as Vanessa Rojas in the popular American police drama show Chicago P.D. In September 2020, she departed the show to join Legend Of Tomorrow.

What is her age?

Chavez was born on May 25, 1989, according to a post on her Instagram. In the year 2020, the actress turned thirty. Her career, like her age, appears to be maturing like a great wine.

The lovely actress began her career on-screen with a modest appearance as a cheerleader in the 2009 TV series True Beauty, according to her IMDb biography.

In the ensuing decade, she has been in several TV episodes, including Lucifer, Rush Hour, The Night Shift, One Day At A Time, and Grey’s Anatomy.

Finally, in 2017, Chavez’s career began to take shape when she was cast as Ximena Sinfuego on ABC’s The Fosters.

What is Xemena Sinufego’s Background?

On The Foster, Chavez is a recurrent character. She is a fearless USCD art student who is recognized for fighting for her own and others’ rights. Ximena is the head coach of The Traumacitas, a youth roller derby team. She is also a founding member and a significant part of the Chulas Vistas roller derby squad.

Her presence in the United States is due to the Dreamer Act, which allowed her Mexican parents to enter the country. At the time, she was only two years old.

Despite being an outspoken individual and a successful student, she has run into issues with authorities and ICE as a result of her ethnicity and activism.

Lisseth Chavez Feels Honored to Portray Ximena, a Mexican Character

Ximena is more than a role for Chavez. The story of the character reflects the hardships she has encountered in her neighborhood.

Chavez voiced her anger with the notion that the Trump presidency will send Salvadorans with temporary immigration permits back to El Salvador, speaking to OMFGTV about her experiences playing Ximena on The Foster.

She explained that Ximena gave her the courage to fight for her rights. She then went on to discuss her immigrant heritage and the difficulties her folks have had as a result of the current DACA program.

I come from a poor immigrant family, and while I am fortunate to be a US citizen, I am surrounded by loved ones who do not have the same opportunity. DACA has had a direct impact on them, which I’ve witnessed firsthand. Nothing in my job is more fulfilling than being able to portray a character that I am proud of, especially one that is related to my culture.

Although the DACA policy provides immigrant children born in the United States with a path to quality education and career, it does not shield these children’s parents from immigration officials’ wrath.

The Trump administration has obtained a court order allowing them to remove 300,000 immigrants from Sudan, Nicaragua, Haiti, and El Salvador from Temporary Protective Status.

The Fosters Exclusive Lisseth Chavez Talks Ximena's Fears
The Fosters Exclusive Lisseth Chavez Talks Ximena’s Fears (source: PopWire)

“Distinctly Different From The Other Protagonists,” Says Chavez’s Character

Chavez’s character Spooner, who joins Caity Lotz’s Sara Lance and Jes Macallan’s Ava Sharpe in Legends Of Tomorrow, seeks vengeance against the aliens who kidnapped her. For the better, the meeting gave her the capacity to telepathically converse with extraterrestrial lifeforms.

At the Legends DC Fandom event in September 2020, Grainne Godfrey, the show’s executive producer, discussed Chavez’s character. Chavez’s character, according to Godfrey, is unlike any of the show’s other characters.

“She’s a young Latina from Texas who has kidnapped two aliens and has a third on her tail seeking vengeance.” She’s not going to be one of our typical loveable losers; instead, she’s going to be tough and give it to the other Legends, who will have to react to her, which I believe will throw them off a little bit.”

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With love, Chavez Defends Hollywood

Hollywood, like any other sector dominated by the majority, tends to stereotype minorities and their culture. Despite this, Chavez remains upbeat about the sector. Because of her great experience on The Foster, she told OMFGTV that she couldn’t recognize Hollywood as a phony or overly theatrical environment.

Instead, she believed that The Foster’s production staff was concerned about minorities’ issues.


‘Chicago P.D.’ Star Lisseth Chavez is Leaving the Show to Join ‘DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow’

Chavez went on to portray a few more characters on TV after her time on The Fosters until landing her breakout role as Vanessa Rojas on Chicago P.D. in 2019. She also appeared in crossover episodes of Chicago Fire and Chicago Med while on the show.

The voyage with the Chicago Police Department, on the other hand, concluded in 2020. The attractive brunette then signed on as a series regular in the CW’s DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow, a superhero drama set in the shared Arrowverse, for the upcoming sixth season.

Chavez will play Esperanza “Spooner” Cruz, a fierce and self-sufficient woman who lives off the grid in the drama. Her character is a clever tech inventor who specializes in detecting — and defending against — space aliens.

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Is Lisseth Chavez of Mexican Ancestry?

Her race and country are two of the most often asked questions about Chavez’s biography by her followers. Fans have been asking if she is a Mexican because she gave such a convincing performance as the gay Mexican character Ximena.

Her parents, on the other hand, are from El Salvador. As a result, she is an American Salvadoran.

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