Joel Osteen’s Wife Victoria Osteen

Wiki, Net Worth, Plastic Surgery, & 5 Facts to Know About Joel Osteen’s Wife Victoria Osteen

Millions of people across the world watch Victoria Osteen’s services as the co-pastor of Houston, Texas’ Lakewood Church.

She published several works that have become international bestsellers. She seemed to be making headlines lately, though, for all the wrong reasons.

Most people are curious as to why the Lakewood Church closed its doors to potential storm victims during Hurricane Harvey. Find out more about Joel Osteen’s wife and other details of this tale by clicking here.

You have to be careful with everything you do when you are a televangelist with millions of viewers and whose books sell millions of copies. One bad move can enrage people and spark a significant uproar. Joel Osteen and Victoria Osteen, known as “The First Couple of Televangelism,” are frequently in the media, especially since their church has a capacity of up to 16,000 people.

They just attended their son Jonathan’s University of Texas at Austin graduation in May 2017, and while posing for a photo, they did the hand motion for “Hook ’em Horns.” Even though it was a simple gesture, many people around the world criticized it. Some people even think it’s the devil’s sign! The significance of the symbol varies between cultures, and the Osteens faced an unexpected and potent pushback. We have some information from her wiki because people are interested in learning more about Joel Osteen’s wife.

Know About Victoria Osteen, A Casual Encounter

Victoria Osteen, 56, was born in Huntsville, Alabama, on March 28, 1961, to a mathematician father and a jewelry businesswoman mother. When she was two years old, her family relocated to Houston, Texas, because her father had recently joined NASA. She was raised in a southern Houston area close to the Johnson Space Center. Osteen grew up going to the traditional Church of Christ with her parents. She studied psychology at the University of Houston while working for her mother’s jewelry company, but she did not complete her degree. In 1985, she met her future husband as he was in the store purchasing a new watch battery. It was just another ordinary day. After their subsequent marriage, they remained partners.

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Professional Life: A Healthful Career

Author and co-pastor of Houston, Texas’ Lakewood Church, Osteen. Her service can be viewed as an hour-long show that is broadcast on Daystar Television Network and through a live feed. She created the Lakewood Church Women’s Ministry in 2003. Osteen is a guest speaker on the 89.3 KSBJ Houston radio station and a supporter of charities like Feed the Children and The Bridge, a shelter for mistreated women. Love Your Life: Living Happy, Healthy, and Whole was Osteen’s debut book, published in October 2008, and it quickly rose to the top of many bestseller lists. In addition, she has written a few children’s novels.

Although Victoria Osteen’s net worth is unknown, Joel Osteen is said to have a solid net worth of $40.0 million. He is a well-known author whose works continue to sell millions of copies, therefore it will inevitably expand.

Undergoing Surgery

It’s not surprising that Victoria and Joel Osteen live in a mansion given their significant earnings from their books and church services. The home of Joel and Victoria Osteen includes a guest house, a pool house, three elevators, six fireplaces, and six bedrooms.

And given her wealth, it’s not surprising that Victoria Osteen has been accused of using plastic surgery to stay young-looking. Many people presume Victoria Osteen must have undergone some plastic surgery because they do not want to accept that her skin care regimen is the key to her youthful skin. They cite Osteen’s youthful appearance at age 56 as proof that she had cosmetic surgery. Again, accusation only; no proof.

Charged with Assault

Victoria Osteen had legal issues in the past as well. Before a flight from Houston to Vail, Colorado, in December 2005, a flight attendant by the name of Sharon Brown accused her of assault. Osteen was forced to leave the flight after being fined $3,000 for “interfering with a crew member.” Later, when Brown sued Osteen for $405,000 in damages and an apology in a civil case, she and the flight attendant met in court. Osteen did not have to pay since the court took his side. The pair, who are otherwise highly well-liked by their supporters, have had their reputation tarnished by these episodes.

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