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Why Were ‘Stranger Things’ Stars Natalia Dyer And Charlie Heaton Skeptical About Their Relationship? Find Out Here!

Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton, actors of Stranger Things, have been dating since 2017. The couple met during the show’s audition and have been together for almost five years. Fans like the duo, but they may not realize that when they first started dating, they were unsure about their relationship.

Dyer and Heaton I had no idea what their relationship was about. Jonathan Byers and Nancy Wheeler are played by Heaton and Dyer, who rose to prominence thanks to their roles in the science-fiction horror series Stranger Things. Matt Duffer, the show’s co-creator, said in an interview with GQ that the duo’s first audition together was a chemistry read. During the audition, he claimed, sparks flew between the two of them.

The actor from the New Mutants then stated why the couple kept their relationship a secret. Heaton admitted that they didn’t want to endanger anything because they were co-workers on one of the most popular TV shows.

They had no idea what the connection was. They weren’t trying to be sly or clandestine, Heaton insisted.

Timeline of Their Relationship

When Heaton uploaded a picture with Dyer on Instagram during their holiday on the island of Menorca in September 2016, fans noticed a possible flame between the two. Dyer also shared a sweet photo of the 27-year-old, confirming the relationship speculations. In 2016, the two also spent Halloween together.

In January 2017, Life & Style exclusively revealed that the actors were dating long before the rumors surfaced. According to a source, they began dating in October 2016, when Stranger Things began filming. Dyer had also taken Heaton to meet her parents, according to the source.

The couple did not confirm or deny their relationship. Dyer claimed the entire cast is tight with each other and that they are one big family when TMZ interviewed them about their personal and professional life in March 2017. Dyer avoided the reporter’s inquiry about whether they were dating.

When they were seen holding hands while walking in October 2017, it confirmed all the rumors. While on a press tour for Stranger Things, the two were seen enjoying time together in Paris in November 2017. They were seen kissing in the middle of the street in London the same month.

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At the 2017 Fashion Awards in London, the couple made their romance red carpet official. The two have since attended Coachella and other red carpet events together.

The duo rarely spoke about each other in front of the press, but in January 2018, the Velvet Buzzsaw actress mentioned her beau in an interview with US Weekly. She joked that she liked Heaton since he didn’t muck up their parts too much and that he is as skilled as the rest of the ensemble.

A year later, US Weekly stated that the pair was head over heels in love. Heaton seemed proud to be with Dyer at the premiere of Velvet Buzzsaw, where Dyer brought her boyfriend as her date. The two were also said to be present at the after-party.

The English actor told V-Man in February 2019 that having emotional support from Dyer, who worked on the same production as him, was good.

“We’ve gone through it together because we work in the same business and have similar career paths.” Sharing brings you closer together. They are aware of something that perhaps no one else is aware of. You go into high-pressure situations together, yet you can discuss whatever insecurities you have.”

In July 2019, Dyer discussed her relationship with Refinery29 and how it felt odd to go home with someone she worked with. She also stated that the couple kept their relationship quiet since it is essential to her and she wants to keep it private.

During a Vanity Fair Q&A game in July 2019, they also underwent a lie detector exam. The duo attended various fashion week events in 2019.

Dyer’s most recent interview regarding her relationship with Heaton came with InStyle in November of this year. She claims that their wardrobe coordination isn’t something they do on purpose, but rather something that happens.

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