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Why Is San Francisco Journalist Azenith Smith Leaving KTVU?

California-based veteran journalist Azenith Smith is leaving the television industry. Azenith Smith concluded her final day of broadcasting this week after announcing her departure from KTVU earlier this month.

Regular viewers of the Fox affiliate in the San Francisco Bay Area are quite curious about the anchor’s departure. They are particularly interested in finding out where she is going and why she is leaving. Azenith Smith made the following comments on quitting KTVU.

Smith Azenith leaves KTVU

Azenith Smith, a Milpitas, California native, graduated from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo with a BS in journalism in 2003. She worked in a Salinas news station as well as for brief periods in Oregon and Las Vegas.

Smith joined the KTVU news team in 2014 and quickly rose to fame among the locals. She deserves special praise for her media representation of the Filipino people.

When Smith announced on social media that she was leaving the station and broadcasting after 15 years in the industry, KTVU viewers were taken aback. She stopped broadcasting on December 13th, a Monday. Naturally, questions regarding her intentions and reasons for leaving followed her statement.

On March 4, 2017, Azenith Smith and Nick James got hitched. In December 2017, they welcomed their daughter, Emma Faith James. Smith has diligently continued her reporting while juggling motherhood. She now, however, is anticipating spending more time with her husband and family.

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The veteran anchor made the decision to leave journalism in order to spend more time with her kid. Although she hasn’t referred to it as a “retirement,” it’s probable that Smith won’t be returning to our screens any time soon.

She hasn’t stated her destination. She did, however, make a suggestion on social media that she has been given a chance that will enable her to be nearer to her family and have more time for her daughter.

The audience of KTVU is reluctant to let this reporter go. They are content, though, that she can now spend time with her kid. She has not stated that she plans to leave the city, so Bay Area residents may be assured that they will likely run across this local celebrity at social events.

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