Why Did Sheryl Lee Ralph And Her Ex-husband Eric Maurice Get Divorced? They Have Two Children Together!

Eric Maurice

The name Sheryl Lee Ralph is well-known in the American entertainment sector. The accomplished actress, writer, singer, and activist scored her big break in the 1981 Broadway production of Dreamgirls. Her roles in Oliver & Company, Sister Act: Back in the Habit, Moesha, and Deterrence have made the Connecticut native well known.

People hope their relationship will continue forever when they marry and fall in love. However, it isn’t always the case. The How We Roll actress is well-versed in it. She once had a marriage to her ideal partner, Eric Maurice. However, their marriage broke down quickly. What then was the cause of it?

Learn about Sheryl Lee Ralph’s ex-husband and the circumstances behind their divorce in this brief article. Have they already found alternative companions, too?

Were Married for Eleven Years

When the gifted actress realized she was the only person at her party without a date, she would tie a string around her finger. It was also a self-reminder that she needed to focus on her own life.

Soon after, the actress met Eric Maurice. They got married in 1990 after he swapped the string for a diamond ring. The beautiful couple gave birth to Etienne Maurice after two years. The former couple then had Ivy-Victoria Maurice as their second child in 1995.

The oldest Maurice works in the movie business and has a few acting and directing credentials. Likewise, the youngest Maurice is a digital creator, according to her Instagram account. She is also the creative director of WalkGood Wear and a vice president of Walk Good LA.

Herbie Lee Ralph’s ex-husband is a businessman

Entrepreneur and trend-setter Eric Maurice is of Euro-African American descent. He was born in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, and later resided in France, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy, and Martinique, among other nations. The foreign entrepreneur lived in Los Angeles, California, as of 2017. He belonged to Soka Gakkai International as well.

Additionally, the successful businessman travels the globe in elegance thanks to his distinct taste in fine living and impeccable sense of style. But the actress’s ex-husband seemed to be enjoying the life of his dreams.

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How Did It End, Anyway?

Even though they appeared to be a happy couple, Eric and his wife’s marriage broke down, and they divorced in 2001. The star of Young Wife wants to settle things gently and discreetly. However, it was difficult after National Enquirer released a piece that contained multiple egregious and inaccurate claims.

In Los Angeles Superior Court, Eric and his wife filed a $1 million libel and privacy invasion lawsuit against the National Enquirer. The magazine made the untrue claim that the actress left her husband to pursue younger guys.

Despite the fact that those were untrue statements, the couple did get divorced. The years that followed, according to Eric’s ex-wife, were a painful time for her. The actress also remembered how her family had been devastated and how badly her children had been harmed.

The Comeback Trail actor admitted that she fell into a deep despair following the divorce’s finalization. She began to question all of her self-perceptions and experienced the sensation that someone was slicing and removing the skin from her body. She became aware of how easy someone could develop addiction issues as a result of the awful suffering.

There isn’t much information available on Sheryl Lee Ralph’s ex-husband, but he must have found the split difficult as well. Additionally, although it was amicable, the cause for their separation is unknown. The Maurice children spent a lot of time with both of their parents as children. On occasion, Eric is highlighted on the Instagram feeds of his kids.

Sheryl Found Love Again

The actress discovered a way out of divorce, which was not easy for her. She also pursued the sparkle that appeared in her eye and indicated that she was down but not out. She refused to let the divorce be the end and set off on her own to find healing. She eventually discovered Vincent Hughes, a new love. The infatuated couple was hitched on July 30, 2005.

Since 1994, Sheryl Lee Ralph’s husband has served as a senator for Pennsylvania’s 7th district. The pair began their married journey eighteen years ago, and they are still together today. Her ex-husband, on the other hand, was still married as of June 2021, according to Sheryl Lee Ralph’s son. Other than that, nothing is known about his romantic history.

All things considered, Eric Maurice is succeeding in his career. He travels the world and appears to be living his life to the fullest while his ex-wife is contentedly cohabitating with her lover. We hope for the best for the business owner in the upcoming days.

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