Michael Weist

Why Did Michael Weist File A Case Against Danielle Cohn and Her Boyfriend Mason Patterson? Find Out Here!

On June 20, 2022, the original Tiktokroom posted a screen capture of Michael Weist’s statement on his dispute with YouTuber Danielle Cohn.

Michael Weist stated that Cohn had been sued and that they will be in court on June 23, 2022. He also revealed that he had sued Mason Patterson, Cohn’s boyfriend.

Netizens’ responses in the comments section were conflicting, with some saying Weist should have left Cohn alone and others saying he did the right thing and that Cohn deserved it.

“Why do u going to bring it to social media, guy wtf?,” one user defended Cohn in response to another’s criticism. We don’t care. Your business, not ours, is this.

One person remarked, “Oh my gosh leave her alone. Whatever happens in her life has nothing to do with you, my fellow,” while another said, “Oh my gosh.” However, some users defended Weist.

For those who are wondering why he is suing Danielle Cohn and Mason, one user responded, “It’s for slander and she didn’t respect her contract with him, same with Mason.”

Conflict between Danielle Cohn and Michael Weist

Cohn’s meteoric rise to stardom on YouTube and TikTok, which she exploited to launch her music career, was the beginning of everything. Her supporters urged her to employ a professional manager, so she eventually began working with Weist. Initially, her mother was overseeing her career.

She discussed how her relationship with Weist soured when he reportedly lied about her finances and contract in a video titled “Addressing The Hate + Full Truth.”

Fans understood she was alluding to Weist despite her omission of his name. She allegedly had money stolen from her by this new boss. Additionally, she claimed that this manager claimed to own her and to have fabricated her name. After listening to her audience, the YouTuber expressed regret. She stated that because “strangers” had stolen from her, she trusted her mother more.

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Danielle Cohn’s Response to Michael Weist

Weist revealed his relationship with Cohn in a video he posted on August 22, 2021, titled “The Truth About my Client Danielle Cohn.” He said he was filming this video to address several claims made against him.

Weist detailed all he had done for Cohn and her mother, Jennifer, including paying for Cohn’s birthday dinners and assisting them with packing when they moved from Florida to Los Angeles.

Additionally, he had not yet received payment for all the music videos that had been made.

The manager also discussed everything that transpired in relation to Cohn’s film “Obsessed.” Weist said that after things took a bad turn, he ceased filming the documentary. He charged that Cohn’s mother had been “pimping her daughter” and mistreating her for gain. The management then responded to Cohn’s claims made in the aforementioned video.

Weist stated that he had not taken any money from her and had just made claims to earnings from the documentary he had made.

He also vowed to file a slander and defamation lawsuit against Cohn and her mother. And it appears now that he was not playing around.

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