Massy Arias’ Ex-Partner, Stefan Williams

Who Is Stefan Williams, Massy Arias’ Former Partner?

Before their abrupt breakup, Stefan Williams was one half of a #FitnessGoals partnership with celebrity trainer Massy Arias.

Fans who looked up to Arias for their ability to juggle fitness and children were saddened when they revealed their breakup in July 2020. Williams, a fitness addict, quit his desk job to pursue his passion.

He stood by Arias through her highs and lows and during the emergence of her influencer career. Williams rose to fame as “Willy Beamen,” Massy Arias’ husband, but he is a deserving subject of attention in his own right.

Family of Stefan Williams

Stefan Williams, sometimes known as “Willy Beamen,” is a native of Canada. Before relocating to the United States in his early 20s, he was born and reared in a suburb of Toronto, Ontario.

He once resided in Los Angeles, California, but now calls Marina Del Rey home. His nickname Willy Beamen, which is a reference to Jamie Foxx’s character in Any Given Sunday, was given to him at a pool party in Las Vegas, and it has stuck with him ever since.

Stefan Williams and Massy Arias in Culver City, California. (Image by Alison Buck/Getty Images for Chevrolet and Create & Cultivate)

There is only one brother for this self-described “mama’s kid,” and not much else is known about them. Although he misses his family, who are mostly in Canada, he enjoys living independently in California.

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Career of Stefan Williams

Williams studied from 2001 to 2004 at Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology in Toronto. He received a B.S. in fire prevention engineering upon graduation.

Before transitioning to a management job, he had a brief career fighting forest fires. But he then went on to seek modeling and a fitness career.

Williams worked as an associate consultant for Aon Risk Services in Los Angeles from 2004 until 2011, according to his previous LinkedIn profile. His position required him to use his expertise in fire prevention science to ensure construction projects’ safety and assist them in adhering to building codes. Williams used his connections with the proper organizations as well to obtain the necessary approvals.

Account manager and Fitness Model Stefan Williams

Williams was juggling a day job with modeling before he gained notoriety as a fitness model and businessman. At HC Integrated Systems, he managed accounts and did some modeling on the side.

His chiseled form garnered modeling offers. He has always been passionate about eating and fitness. Williams did attempt some pictorials, after which his modeling career took off.

Under the auspices of a Fortune 500 corporation that distributed nutritional health products, he managed his own nutritional supplements franchise. He undoubtedly gained the knowledge necessary to start his own supplement company as a result.

Relationship Between Massy Arias and Stefan Williams

Stefan Williams and Massy Arias, whose relationship status is unknown, epitomized both #RelationshipGoals and #FitnessGoals simultaneously. When Arias was battling depression, Williams encouraged her throughout her fitness journey.

They were already legally married, according to Arias, who claimed this in 2016.

On February 28, 2017, they welcomed their daughter Indira Sarai into the world. With more than 108k Instagram followers, Little Miss Indi might be considered a growing influencer and Instagram model.

Many parents were encouraged by Williams and Arias to strike the same balance between parenthood and fitness. With the introduction of Tru Supplements, they would jointly grow their brand.

However, Arias identified herself as a “single mom” in a July 2020 Instagram post, implying that the pair had split up. Additionally, each of their separate social media accounts deleted posts about the other (except the sponsored posts).

Williams continues to identify himself as the CMO of Tru Supplements in his Instagram bio. On the company’s website, he is not mentioned at all.

It is unknown when their relationship began and ended. However, Indi appears to be their exclusive attention right now.

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