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Who Really Is The YouTuber Dream? Here Are Some Facts You Need To Know About Him!

Clay is a well-liked YouTuber and Twitch streamer best known for going by the online alias Dream. He is well renowned for his Minecraft-related writing. On August 12th, 1999, Dream was born. He has not disclosed his complete identity or any other private information about his life, though.

Additionally, Dream is among the YouTubers with the fastest growth. In just one year, he added over 10 million subscribers. On the video-sharing websites, he has seven channels. Additionally, the well-known YouTuber got the 2021 award for Content Creator of the Year. Additionally, Dream has won the gaming category of the Streamy Awards thrice. He has 5.9 million subscribers to his Twitch account in addition to YouTube.

So let’s learn more about the well-known YouTuber Dream in today’s article. Here are some fascinating details about the content producer and Twitch streamer.

Dream SMP, creator of the well-known Minecraft server

One of the most well-known and popular video games of current generation is Minecraft. Dream became well-known for his Minecraft-related streams and stuff. He also established the exclusive Minecraft server Dream SMP. Each player on the server has a unique set of characters, stickers, and avatars.

Together with fellow well-known broadcaster GeorgeNotFound, Dream founded the server in April 2020. He uses four different personas across three separate accounts to run the server.

Has His Own Song Available?

Dream is a well-known YouTuber and Twitch broadcaster in addition to being a singer. In February 2021, he collaborated with PmBata on his debut song, Roadtrip, making wise use of his celebrity. With over 25 million views on YouTube, the song attracted a lot of attention and fame.

In May 2021, Mask, Dream’s second song, was also made available. Mask has received over 25 million views on YouTube, just like his debut single. The public and media harshly attacked the animated music video he later produced for the song. Dream responded by withdrawing the music video after the song’s lyrics and animation were criticized for being offensive.

The Face of Dream

Dream is a well-known online personality with millions of followers, but he hasn’t yet made his face public. He has made various bodily parts, such as his neck and hair, visible to the world, but not his face. Even with a dummy on his head, he nonetheless made an appearance, only disguising his face and displaying his full physique.

Interesting facts about YouTuber Dream

Dream, a Twitch and YouTube streamer, has not yet made his face public However, the YouTube sensation has previously hinted at an about-face reveal multiple times. Dream posted a video titled “my face reveal” to his YouTube channel in September 2019, however after a few days and more than 34,000 views, he removed it. Then, on April 1, Dream played a practical joke on his fans by posting and retweeting a tweet from Danny Gonzalez that appeared to be from Dream.

While discussing a face reveal on his live stream, Dream stated that if the epidemic ends in 2022, he would be open to participating.

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He was accused of using a speedrun to cheat

The leader of Minecraft speedruns and YouTuber Geosquare accused Dream of using cheats in a video that was uploaded in December 2020. In the video, he presented statistical evidence produced by Speedrun that showed Dream’s game had been altered to affect the rates at which rods and pearls dropped.

Later, the matter was settled with the statement that Dream’s chances in the game were 1 in 7.5 trillion and that what he did was not feasible. Additionally, well-known YouTuber and streamer Karl Jacobs reacted to the situation by claiming that Dream was actually using his customized version to unfairly advantage others.

Dream’s Salary And Income Sources

Dream is a well-known YouTuber with more than 28.3 million subscribers to his main channel. For every thousand views, YouTube channels receive payments ranging from $3 to $7. 33 million views per month and 1.08 million views per day are averaged over Dream’s primary channels. According to SocialBlade, the main channel of Dream is expected to earn between $8.8K and $140.5K per month and $105.4K and $1.7M annually.

Additionally, Dream has seven monetized YouTube profiles. Popularity also extends to his other channels, like Dream Team and Dream XD. Both channels have more than a million subscribers, and they receive a lot of viewers, which could result in additional revenue for Dream. Considering these details and figures, Dream’s net worth must be sitting well in the millions.

Dream must thus be making a good living both from his singing career and through social media advertising. We wish the aspiring YouTuber luck in his future endeavors.

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