King Bach Currently Dating

Who Is King Bach Currently Dating? His Relationship Status

Andrew Byron Bachelor, often known as King Bach, is an actor, comedian, and internet celebrity who rose to prominence through Vine videos.

He currently has 2.48 million subscribers on YouTube and nearly 20 million followers on Instagram.

Bachelor has appeared in some prominent films since breaking into the spotlight, including Fifty Shades of Grey, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, The Babysitter, and Where’s the Money.

The 32-year-old actor’s personal life, like his professional life, has been in the spotlight due to his various romances.

A Short Biography of King Bach

King Bach was born on June 26, 1988, in Toronto, Canada, to Jamaican parents, Ingrid Maurice and Byron Bachelor.

Christina, the comedian’s younger sister, is his only sibling.

He and his family moved to West Palm Beach, Florida, USA, when he was two years old. He was raised in a Christian home. From middle to high school, he attended Coral Springs Charter School.

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He earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Florida State University in 2010. He then attended Florida State University.

King Bach then enrolled in a graduate degree at the New York Film Academy but left out during his final semester because he desired more possibilities in life.

He afterward relocated to Los Angeles to study improvisational theater at The Groundlings.

Brief Biography of King Bach
Andrew Byron Bachelor, often known as King Bach

His dating history with his best friend Amanda Cerny

Amanda Cerny, King Bach’s best friend, and internet star was supposed to be dating him. The rumors began in 2015 when they began working together on skits and comedy videos.

However, neither of them confirmed that they were a couple.

Instead, they frequently refer to each other as best friends on social media. On February 9, 2020, Bachelor tweeted a workout video with her and titled it, “Best friend exercise @AmandaCerny.”

Cerny’s boyfriend Johannes Bartl, a fitness trainer, has recently dispelled the claims.

Relationship History of King Bach

The Babysitter: Killer Queen actor was previously in a relationship with social media star Liane Valenzuela. They were dating in the mid-2010s.

On social media, King Bach and Valenzuela were upfront about their love and frequently shared photos of themselves.

On February 26, 2015, Valenzuela took to Twitter to thank the actor for attending her play despite being sick.

However, the couple’s romance did not last long as they split up in 2015.

Relationship History of King Bach
Relationship History of King Bach

Following that, there were speculations that he was dating Cerny, which proved to be unfounded.

After collaborating on a video named ‘Couple Therapy,’ King Bach was associated with YouTube personality Lele Pons once more in 2016. Even this time, though, the reports were completely false.

The comedian has recently been spotted dating actress Jessica Allain. In late July 2020, the two even posted identical images on their own Instagram accounts.

Having said that, they have yet to confirm whether they are dating or just pals.

Is King Bach a homosexual?

From making parody films about how gay guys dance to creating a gay-themed parody trailer for the film Get Out 2, King Bach has used the LGBTQ+ community as a source of inspiration for his comedy.

Although the gay-themed information was purely for entertainment purposes, some people took the joke seriously.

While some were upset, others began to wonder whether King Bach was gay or not. But he’s rumored to be straight.

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