Sam Asghari

Who Is Sam Asghari? Meet The Boyfriend Of Britney Spears And Know About His Age, Family, Career, Net Worth, And More!

In Hollywood, Sam Asghari and his girlfriend Britney Spears have appeared to be a formidable couple. Their one-and-a-half-year romance was said to have progressed to the next level.

The Iranian fitness model has been happily dating Britney Spears, an American singer 13 years his senior. Britney Spears’ boyfriend, the Iranian native, is well-known in the United States. The prominent model has been featured on the Muscle and Fitness page and has a massive Instagram following of 164k people.

We now expose some juicy wikis about him, including his mixed-race, desired career, and romance with Britney Spears, which he inherited from his parents.

Sam Asghari: Age, Parents, Family

Sam was born in the Iranian city of Tehran on March 23, 1994. He spent his youth in his hometown, but when he was a teenager, he emigrated to the United States, leaving his family behind.

His mother and father gave him half Persian and half American ancestry, respectively. Since he was two years old, his parents have been estranged. He is the eldest of four brothers and sisters. Fay, his younger sister, works as a registered cosmetic nurse. Both siblings have a close relationship and even tag each other on special events like birthdays.

The rest of his biography is kept private.

Previously, he weighed 290 pounds

After tipping the scales at a massive 290 pounds, Sam Asghari had to lose an incredible 100 pounds. After gaining weight, the Iranian hunk chose to go to the gym, and his decision paid off handsomely.

In a cover story for Men’s Health, he describes his experience with body image issues as follows:

“I didn’t want to live with the disappointment and depression any longer.” I had to start over.”

He attributes his weight loss to Gold’s Smart Nutrition Course and Youtube exercise videos.

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Sam recently flaunted his muscular physique in the music video for Fifth Harmony’s smash track “Work From Home.” Sam features in the song video as a construction worker, wearing a yellow construction helmet and vest and sensually sweating while displaying his muscular arms and toned torso.

Dreamed Of Becoming A Police Officer, Net Worth

Sam wanted to be a police officer and work in law enforcement before becoming a model. He then changed his mind and became a fitness expert.

In an interview with MSI College, he explained that fitness modeling and acting were far more appealing to him than his boyhood desire for modeling. Furthermore, the model was too hesitant to pursue modeling as a job. He didn’t feel at ease wandering about in his underwear. However, as he entered the modeling field, he developed a lot of confidence and began kissing success.

He appeared in music videos by Fifth Harmony and Britney Spears, including Work From Home and Slumber Party. He also worked at Royal Personal Training as a personal trainer.

Sam is a print, fitness, and commercial model who has graced the pages of well-known publications such as Muscle and Fitness. His stature of 6’2″ and a chest measurement of 42 inches have drawn the notice of modeling agencies.

In 2016, he has named the new face of Under Armour for the winter campaign, representing the super-popular sports apparel business. Sam’s net worth is surely increasing as a result of his burgeoning modeling profession. However, he has kept the actual amount of his net worth hidden from the public eye.

His Relationship with Britney Spears

Sam Asghari met his girlfriend Britney Spears at a ‘Slumber Party.’ Sam Asghari has been seeing Britney Spears, the Toxic singer, since 2016, even though Sam is 13 years younger than Britney.
In November 2016, the couple met on the shoot of Bitney’s Slumber Party music video.

The pair first sparked rumors when Sam shared photos of them having a sushi date in November 2016, with Britney sticking her tongue out. Sam, on the other hand, later erased the image.

In any case, Britney acknowledged their connection by posting a birthday photo of Sam. Britney referred to Sam as her “Baby” in the caption of a photo she shared on March 23, 2017.

The couple’s beautiful romantic gestures for one other have been flooding their social media profiles since then. Britanny recently flaunted her love for her boyfriend on Instagram, uploading photos of the two of them together, whether it was on romantic dates or at the pool.

Sam even paid a visit to Britney while she was on tour in Japan, which created a lot of questions about their relationship. Briney had previously stated that she would never be in a relationship, according to a source, but Sam appeared to alter her mind.

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Although the engagement rumors are false, Brittney Spears is eager to be married

In January 2018, the pair were reportedly rumored to be engaged as Brittney hit the beach with her two sons and a ring on her finger while on vacation in Hawaii. The ring prompted her fans to speculate about their hidden engagement.

The couple has yet to comment on the engagement rumors, but it has been revealed that she and Sam are already planning to start a family. According to a source, the Grammy winner voiced her desire to conceive a daughter with Sam in February 2018.

Later, it was revealed that Brittney and Sam are not yet engaged, but that Brittney wishes to get engaged soon. Brittney, according to wikis from, is distraught at having to leave her home in Thousand Oaks, California, and does not want to wait any longer—life is too short—and wants to begin her married life as soon as possible.

And, given how much he loves Brittney, Sam is obligated to grant her wish; it’s just a matter of time before the couple is united in holy matrimony, not just engagement bonds.

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