Who is Charles Wade? Was BLM Leader Charles Wade Arrested?

Charles Wade

Charles Wade was a well-known Black Lives Matter activist in the Ferguson and Baltimore areas until 2016. With recent protests against racial injustice gaining traction, his name has resurfaced in social media discussions about the BLM movement.

Wade was reportedly arrested after being accused of prostitution with a minor. Many people are skeptical of his association with a nationwide social movement. Was Charles Wade detained? Here is everything you need to know about him.

Charles Wade a BLM leader was arrested in 2016

Charles Curtis Wade, a native of Bowie, Maryland, and born on October 15, 1982, was a Black Lives Matter activist four years ago. In Ferguson, he founded Operation Help or Hush to assist protesters in continuing their fight, including raising funds to feed and temporarily house protesters.

He was previously known as a celebrity stylist. Solange Knowles is said to be his most famous client.

He was arrested in Prince George County, Maryland, in May 2016 and charged with prostitution and human trafficking. Wade, according to authorities, allegedly advertised online for meet-ups with a 17-year-old girl.

According to reports, an undercover officer responded to the ad and met with the minor girl in a sting operation. Wade, according to the girl, was her “manager.”

Charles Wade took to Twitter (now deleted) to deny the allegations. He claimed he thought the girl was 20 and was asked to temporarily house her in a hotel. He was arrested a few hours after allegedly setting up the teen in a hotel room. When questioned by the police, the girl would contradict Wade’s claims.

“I was arrested as I was walking to the store on about a half dozen charges related to her activities and arrest as the person who booked, paid for, and checked in with a government-issued identification,” Wade explained.

Wade posted $25,000 bail two days after his arrest. His trial was scheduled to start in June 2016. It is unknown if Charles Wade was convicted or sentenced. According to Maryland court records, the case was settled in 2016. The specifics are unknown.

While his charges and arrest were used to denigrate the BLM movement, the organization did not respond to his arrest. Wade, on the other hand, had previously distanced himself from BLM in a Twitter statement.

“This situation should have no bearing on the movement or anyone else in the movement other than myself,” Wade said. “Ultimately, I had the final say on whether or not to house her and put my name on the line.” And, in the end, the embarrassment I’ve caused, as well as any consequences, are entirely mine.”

Wade claimed that he founded Operation Help or Hush to aid the BLM movement. He, however, denied any political involvement.

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