Andrew Rea

Who Is Andrew Rea Married To? Is He Really Married To The Girl He Randomly Introduced In A Video? All Of Your Questions Answered Here!

Andrew Rea is a YouTuber and chef who hosts the popular Binging with Babish show. Rea’s filmmaker likes a little drama and is always trying to surprise his audience in some way. In one such incident, the YouTuber introduced his partner while creating a milkshake from a popular film.

His supporters were overjoyed that he was seeing someone, but the occurrence of him introducing his girlfriend also put to rest any speculations that he was gay. So, who is this mysterious new woman in the chef’s life? And is Andrew Rae her husband? Continue reading to find out!

In his trademark style, the YouTuber introduced his girlfriend in a video

The video begins and continues in the same way as any other Babish video. He delivers a hilarious introduction to the famous $5 milkshake made famous by the film Pulp Fiction. He accounts for inflation while calculating the current price of the milkshake. Because the milkshake is reasonably pricey, Rea adds his personal touch to make it worthwhile. So far, everything has gone well, right?

Then, unexpectedly, near the end of the film, he introduces his girlfriend Jess in the same calm and steely tone with which he explains food to the audience. This may appear strange to those who are unfamiliar with his approach, yet it is very appropriate.

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Who is the Lady Love of the Babish?

People assaulted the YouTuber’s social media accounts inquiring about Jess shortly after she was exposed to his fan base through the video. Not only that, but since her reveal, the couple has made their relationship “Insta-official” by sharing images on special milestones such as their anniversary and Halloween.

So, who exactly is Jess? We now know Jess’s entire name, which is Jessica Open, courtesy of Instagram. Jess has also shot and edited a few of her boyfriend’s videos as a freelance video editor, shooter, and producer.

When Rea did the famous Wired Autocomplete Interview, he divulged further specifics about his connection. He discussed his current relationship as well as a previous one during the question-and-answer session. He clarifies in the video that he was married in the past but is not now married. When he responded to the burning question, “Is Andrew Rea married?” the subject came up.

In response to the same question, he stated that he was “connected to a great lady Jess.”

Previous Relationships of Andrew Rea

The chef may not have divulged much in the Wired video, but he did reveal some insights about his prior love life in a Reddit Q&A. He said that he had married his high school love following a ten-year relationship. Unfortunately, things did not work out, and they were forced to part ways. According to information shared on the same Reddit thread, the marriage lasted two years.

In response to his supporters’ questions, he stated that he was fine talking about his divorce because it had been a long time since he had divorced. In 2017, Andrew and his ex-wife decided to part ways. Separating from a long-term partner may have been difficult, but Rea’s willingness to speak freely demonstrates maturity.

Career Aside from YouTube Videos

Rea has pushed The Babish beyond the video-sharing platform as he continues to broadcast his distinctive cooking videos on YouTube. He’s recently released a cookbook called ‘Binging with Babish Cookbook,’ which is available in all bookstores and bears the same name as his YouTube channel.

Andrew Rea has started blogging to boost his business. This self-described ‘one part chef, one part filmmaker, and a generous sprinkle of irreverent YouTube personality continues to make spicy cooking films with his current partner.

Rea and Open married on June 1, 2021, in an episode commemorating his channel’s 9 million subscribers. Joel McHale, a comedian and Universal Life Church ordained minister, married the two.

Rea recreates ‘Kettle Corn’ from Community in this episode. He can be seen cooking outside with Joel McHale as the film proceeds, and then Open joins them, and the rest is history. We wish the newlywed pair every luck in their future endeavors.

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