Whitney Alford

Whitney Alford, Kendrick Lamars Fiancee Discusses Her Ethnicity, Birthday, and Baby Girl

Whitney Alford must have had some notion of what Kendrick Lamar would be like in the years after they initially started dating in high school.

Today, Kendrick Lamar’s name is frequently mentioned in ‘GOAT’ discussions, and he is widely regarded as the greatest – if not the greatest – rapper alive.

Nobody, not even Kendrick’s fiancee, Whitney, could have guessed Kendrick’s career would reach the heights it has—13 Grammy wins out of 37 nominations and a Pulitzer Prize.

Whitney has been a source of inspiration and, more significantly, steady support for Kendrick Lamar throughout his journey from a 16-year-old Compton youngster to a pop culture icon.

We’ve put together some interesting wikis on K Dot’s fiance Whitney Alford, including her birthday, ethnicity, and personal life.

Whitney Alford was Born in California

Whitney Alford was born in 1986 in Compton, California, a Los Angeles borough noted for its gang culture and rich hip-hop heritage. Every year on May 12th, she celebrates her birthday.

Alford was up in California and went to Centennial High School, where she met her lifelong companion Kendrick Lamar.

She later attended California State University, Long Beach, and graduated with a degree in Accounting.

During ‘The Breakfast Interview,’ Whitney Alford and Kendrick Lamar’s Engagement was Confirmed

Whitney Alford’s fiancee Kendrick Lamar appeared on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club on April 3, 2015, for an interview to promote his 2015 magnum opus ‘To Pimp a Butterfly.’ However, when asked about his personal life during the interview, he stated that he and his long-term girlfriend of ten years, Whitney Alford, were engaged at the time.

Before the announcement, the power couple was pictured during a meet-and-greet with fans in Compton, which sparked suspicion about their engagement. Whitney was seen wearing a big rock ‘ring’ on her left finger in one of the photographs.

Kendrick Lamar and his fiancée, Whitney Alford
Kendrick Lamar and his fiancee, Whitney Alford (source: TheBoomBox)

In announcing the engagement, the rapper stated, “At the end of the day, you want to be surrounded by real people. Period. Everyone who has been around me has been there since the beginning. You owe it to the people who have stood by your side.”

I’m not even going to call her my girl. That’s my best pal. I don’t even like the word that society has given to having a companion — she’s someone I can confide in…

– In January 2015, Kendrick Lamar told Billboard

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Because of Whitney Alford’s ethnicity, Kendrick Lamar Faced Backlash

When Kendrick Lamar announced his engagement to Whitney Alford in April 2015, some so-called Dark Skin Activists were outraged that he was marrying a ‘light-skinned woman.’ Rashida Strober, the self-proclaimed Dark Skin Activist who oversees the “Dark Skin Is Beautiful” Campaign, came to Facebook to criticize Lamar over Alford’s ethnicity.

“Well, well, well would you looky here,” Strober posted on Facebook.

EXPOSED: ANOTHER FAKE CONSCIOUS MUTHER F-KER. I will never give him or his music a dime of my money, and I urge other dark-skinned ladies not to do the same “She said.

Following her contradictory remarks, many of Strober’s admirers labeled the rapper a hypocrite for prefacing his blatantly Afro-centric music based on the African-American experience and being an ardent activist for the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Whitney, who is three-quarters black, has always identified as a black lady.

These charges, however, had no impact on their relationship because Kendrick Lamar and his fiancée Whitney Alford never responded to Strober’s comments.


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Whitney Alford Is The Inspiration for Kendrick Lamar’s Determination and Possibly His Ever-Increasing Net worth

The high school sweethearts began dating soon after they were introduced. While Whitney Alford worked as a makeup artist, her boyfriend earned a name for himself in the music industry with the publication of his 2003 coming-of-age debut mixtape ‘Hub City Threat: Minor Of The Year.’

Though there haven’t been many instances of Kendrick directly referencing his muse on his albums, a die-hard fan like me will direct you to his song titled ‘Determined’ off his 2009 self-titled EP. In the song ‘Determined,’ he raps:

“Man, me and my girl split the bucket of KFC. She listening to Drake and all I can say is “Damn. These ****** that much better than me, baby?” I don’t think this is meant to be. Cause I’m always losing self esteem. She paused the iPhone then said, “Huh?” I repeated what I said then she replied, “Shut up.” You know you the best boy, you gotta keep doing it.  But don’t forget when you do, just keep you in it. And never listen to what the industry say.  Don’t be a typical artist, be more like Jay. Russell, Barry Gordy, Quincy Jones, Bob Johnson, Sean Combs, L.A. Reid”

Kendrick reflects on his early troubles as an aspiring musician and is consoled by his muse, who offers words of encouragement by calling him the best and urging him to persevere.

Whitney’s guidance, if anything, foreshadowed what was to come in the years to come. Today, as of December 2020, Kendrick has more awards and classic works than Drake, and they no longer have to split a bucket of KFC because of his earnings—’ The Sing About Me’ rapper is reputedly worth more than $75 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Whitney Alford and her fiance Kendrick Lamar had a daughter.

Whitney Alford and her fiance Kendrick Lamar welcomed their first child, a baby girl whose name has yet to be revealed, on Friday, July 26, 2019. The couple had also kept Alford’s pregnancy a secret.

Alford, Lamar, and their over a year old daughter are currently residing in Los Angeles, California, and propel their family lives discreetly together.

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