Treavor Scales

Where Is the Commentator Going? Know About Treavor Scales

In Monday’s Sports Nation, ESPN’s regular viewers received some unexpected news. Treavor Scales will retire from ESPN in August 2021. For nearly a decade, the former athlete and Harvard graduate have been on the premier sports network.

He announced his departure from his longtime TV home on his official social media pages. And his followers have a lot of questions. They are curious as to why he is leaving and where he is going next. Here’s what Treavor Scales had to say about leaving ESPN.

Treavor Scales is Leaving ESPN

Treavor Scales had been actively gaining experience in the sports journalism field long before he was playing football for the Harvard Crimson and received his degree in Economics in 2013. Scales joined ESPN in 2013, shortly after graduating and with production internships on his resume.

In 2015, he transitioned from crew coordinator to commentator. Scales was added to the new lineup of hosts when SportsNation was renewed on ESPN+ in January 2021.

Scales had also been providing commentary on Snapchat and other platforms. He has a sizable social media following and a growing legion of fans as a result of his work.

So it came as a surprise when he announced his departure from ESPN on August 9. He’s also not on Snapchat, and his Facebook pages are dormant. However, he remains active on Instagram and Twitter.

Scales expressed his gratitude to ESPN, his colleagues, and fans in a statement posted on his verified social media pages. He hasn’t said why he’s leaving or where he’ll be going next. This has sparked a slew of questions and speculation in the comments section. Some believe that his contract has expired or has not been renewed.

He doesn’t appear to have a new job lined up yet. Scales, on the other hand, assured his fans that he would return to their screens soon. So, keep an eye on his social media profiles for updates on his next job.

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