What is The Origin of YouTuber SoLLUMINATI’s name?

YouTubers are known for going by their channel names. PewDiePie, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, and Ninja are just a few of the famous figures in the industry who go by their identities. The majority of these nicknames have a backstory.

However, the moniker appears to have no meaningful meaning for YouTuber SoLLUMINATI.

SoLLUMINATI, who began by posting NBA2K videos before moving on to IRL topics, has stated numerous times that he is not a conspiracy theorist. His given name has nothing to do with the devil, secret societies, or anything remotely related to them.

So, who exactly is SoLLUMINATI?

Jevontay Baynes, better known as SoLLUMINATI, was born on October 4, 1994. At the age of 26, the social media star’s YouTube channels SoLLUMINATI and SPIRITUAL both have over one million subscribers.

Baynes played college basketball at Odessa College and Eastern Michigan University before joining YouTube. Even his YouTube career began with basketball in 2015, when he covered NBA 2K15 gameplay.

Fans frequently inquire about his height, asking, “How tall is SoLLUMINATI?” He is 6 feet and 4 inches tall, which is ideal for a basketball player.

YouTuber SoLLUMINATI with his Girlfriend
YouTuber SoLLUMINATI with his Girlfriend (source: Naibuzz)

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What is the origin of the name SoLLUMINATI?

When a fan inquired where the name SoLLUMINATI came from during a Q&A session in 2017, Baynes said it came from his ingenuity. He simply desired a name that would stand out and be remembered.

The well-known YouTuber further stated that his moniker had nothing to do with the devil or the Illuminati secret group. Instead, he stated that he believed in God.

I’m not into the Illuminati or anything like that, man. It’s just a name.


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There’s a New Channel for SoLLUMINATI

Baynes isn’t as active as he used to be on the SoLLUMINATI channel. Instead, he’s on SPIRITUAL So, his second channel. There are more than 1.15 million subscribers and 66.5 million views on the channel.

The channel’s material includes motivational and spiritual videos, as well as vlogs and other challenges.

SoLLUMINATI utilizes his primary channel to give his opinions on nearly everything under the sun, from US Elections to his views on schools to sensitive matters like suicide.

Baynes also offers his fitness routines and spiritual experiences, in addition to his ideas.

SoLLUMINATI’s YouTube career change from gaming to real-life, nature, and spirituality demonstrates that his alias is just that: a moniker, not a representation of his content. His Instagram and Twitch profiles are also under the same identity.

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