Norm Abram

What Is The Net Worth Of Norm Abram? Find Out All You Need To Know About Him Here!

Over the years, Norm Abram has amassed a good wealth through carpentry.

Abram has been a television personality for nearly four decades. He rose to prominence after appearing on the do-it-yourself show The New Yankee Workshop. His easygoing nature makes it easier for people to follow him as he seeks fresh techniques for rehabilitation and restoration.

What is the significance of Norm Abram’s ‘The New Yankee Workshop’?

In The New Yankee Workshop, he would show viewers how to create new furniture or repair old furniture in a step-by-step manner. The Adirondack Chair is one of his most well-known pieces of furniture.

He has made guest appearances on several shows in addition to his television show. Between the Lions and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? are two WGBH programs in which he has appeared.

On television, he has appeared in House of Hoops and Ace of Cakes. While television has been his primary source of revenue, it is far from exclusive

Abram’s Career Doesn’t End With Television, But How Much Money Does He Have?

Abram is also a published author, having published eight books about carpentry so far.

‘Ask Norm,’ ‘The New Yankee Workshop,’ ‘Classics From The New Yankee Workshop,’ ‘Mostly Shaker From The New Yankee Workshop,’ ‘Outdoor Projects From The New Yankee Workshop,’ ‘Norm Abram’s New House,’ ‘Measure Twice, Cut Once,’ and ‘The New Yankee Workshop Kids’ Stuff,’ are a few of his books. He has also contributed to ‘Complete Remodeling’ and ‘Complete Landscaping,’ addition to his works.

The 71-year-old also serves on the editorial board of ‘This Old House,’ a home renovation magazine, and writes the popular piece ‘Norm’s Tricks of the Trade.’

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His Transformation From Carpenter to Celebrity Carpenter

Millions of homeowners have been motivated by the carpentry guru to rebuild and restore their homes. Russell Morash, a television producer, first noticed him and hired Abram to build a barn on his Boston property.

Russell was so delighted with Abram’s work that he asked him to assist him with the renovation of a derelict Victorian mansion in Boston’s historic Dorchester neighborhood. This is where they began filming the entire process for the series This Old House.

Fortunately, it was an instant hit, and Abram remained the show’s master carpenter for the entire 21-season run. The first season premiered in 1989 and finished in 2009.

He’s appeared on Today, The Late Show With David Letterman, Oprah!, Entertainment Tonight, and Good Morning America, to mention a few. Home Improvement, Saturday Night Live, and Steven Spielberg’s Freakazoid have all included him.

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His Private Life

Abram was born and raised in Rhode Island, where his father, a carpenter, exposed him to the trade. He honed his abilities as a child by helping his father rebuild and construct unique homes. He founded Integrated Structures in 1976, three years after working as a site supervisor for a multimillion-dollar construction firm, and it remained in operation until 1989.

His company specialized in home renovations and, on occasion, new construction.

He currently resides in a historic Colonial home in Massachusetts with his lovely wife Elise Hauenstein. They like cooking together, going to art galleries and museums, and boating, fishing, and kayaking.