What Is Rick Harrison’s Ex-Wife, Tracy Harrison Doing Currently?

Tracy Harrison

Tracy Harrison is the ex-wife of Rick Harrison, the Pawn Stars’ main guy (Richard Kevin Harrison). From the mid-1980s through the early 2010s, she was Rick’s wife.

Rick, Tracy’s ex-husband, is a well-known businessman, reality television personality, and proprietor of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, which appears on the History show Pawn Stars. Pawn Stars was the History Channel’s highest-rated program, and the second-highest-rated reality show behind Jersey Shore.

Tracy Harrison and Rick Harrison had been married for almost 25 years

From 1986 through 2011, the couple was husband and wife. Harrison and her ex-husband have one child, a son named Jake, in 2003. Rick has two other children, Corey and Adam, in addition to Jake. The former is also a cast member on his father’s show, Pawn Stars. Jake makes his series debut in March 2021.

Rick Harrison’s Marriage History

Rick was previously married to Kim Harrison from 1982 to 1985, with whom he had two children, Corey and Adam. Rick married Deanna Burditt shortly after Tracy. Despite the fact that they had no children together. Rick’s marriage to Tracey lasted the longest of his three marriages.

Tracy Harrison’s ex-husband Rick was bankrupt when they first met

Tracy’s ex-husband Rick says in his book, License To Pawn, that it had been about eight or nine months since he had broken up with his first wife, Kim. Rick was in his early twenties, living in Vegas and dating on the side, but nothing serious. The Lexington native claimed he was just concerned with raising his two young sons and was usually busy, although he was frequently in financial difficulty.

Rick Harrison had divorced his first wife, Kim, and was the father of two sons when he met Tracy Harrison, his ex-wife. The Pawn Stars Rick Harrison claims he was penniless when he met his ex-wife, Tracy Harrison. Rick acknowledges that entering into another meaningful relationship was the last thing on his mind.

In his memoir, the father of three writes. He reveals that he and Kim met on a blind date. Tracy’s cousin was dating one of his buddies, and the two of them agreed Tracy and Rick should get together. For, as Richard confesses, this occurred during one of his least spectacular periods as a human being.

He explained that he was having to raise two small boys and was also broke. He claims he had no money to my name. Rick was also driving a car that wouldn’t shift into reverse. However, his car turned out to be the most dependable mode of transportation for this first date.

Rick claims that his feelings for Tracy Harrison were special

Rick admits he was plainly not Tracy’s type, but he stepped into the date with his customary bravado. Nonetheless, he pursued her, confident in his abilities to converse extensively. Something Rick considers to be his gift. Due to a lack of funds, the future History Channel star and his companion decided to take Tracy and her cousin out. Rick writes that when they approached the girls to pick them up, he “instantly fell in love” with the blonde girl from West Virginia as she stepped into the car.

He claims that, despite dating or simply hanging out with girls in the months following his first divorce, it was the first time he seriously considered diving. Rick also claims that it was the first time he couldn’t talk his way out of a position; he couldn’t mislead Tracy.

What did Tracy do after Rick told her he didn’t have any money?

They drove to the Stardust and then to the parking lot, where they discovered a stall in the middle of nowhere. He didn’t ask the girls why, and they didn’t ask him. Rick told his date Tracy that he had no money to spend on her that night after entering the keno club.

The third child of a US soldier told his future wife that the two of them were going to sit in the lounge, get drinks, and pretend to play keno. Rick reveals that Tracy was a good sport and played along after hearing all of this. They then had a few hours of entertainment for nothing before returning to the car.

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Despite the fact that the first date was far from ideal, Richard’s future wife accepted his invitation to a second and third meeting. Tracy moved in with Rick after a six-month relationship. Tracy jumped right in, assisting with the boys and became Instant Mom, says the North Carolina-born businesswoman. He writes in his book that she was lovely from the start, and that his sons took her into their life as if she had always been there.

Tracy Harrison was particularly close to her stepson, Corey

Tracy and Rick married eight months later, and it didn’t take long for Corey and Adam to start calling the former “Mom.” Tracy also played an important role in disciplining his sons throughout their childhood, according to Rick. He claims it was difficult for her to be the one who had to drive kids to school, instruct them to complete their homework, and yell at them when they resisted.

Tracy adored her stepsons, Corey and Adam, according to Rick. In fact, until his marriage, his son, Corey, would bring his filthy clothing over to their house every Sunday for Tracy to wash. She, on the other hand, didn’t mind and would interrupt Rick’s needling of his kid.

Tracy is quoted as saying, “Don’t you dare.” I’d like him to come over. “I enjoy doing it.” Tracy was close to her stepson, Corey, according to the Pawnography frontman. Tracy and he would have chats about life topics that males didn’t discuss with other guys. Tracy even assisted Corey in finding his wife, Charlene. Despite the fact that he eventually divorced her, he married Korina Harrison.

Tracey Proved to Be Beneficial to Rick’s Shop

Tracy worked in the store until her son Jake was born in 2003. Rick and her coworkers thought she was an excellent employee. Rick’s son’s mother exudes tranquility. She was also said to be skilled at assisting consumers in selecting jewelry and to be quite patient with them. Her ex-husband remembers the old ladies – and how much they adored her. She was apparently popular among the Las Vegas transgender population because of how friendly she was to them.

In fact, her popularity among the general public aided Rick’s pawnshop in expanding its operations. They used to buy jewelry because of his ex-wife. The transvestite purchased the most extravagant jewelry Rick and Tracy had in stock. When Tracy left, though, they took their business elsewhere, according to Rick Harrison.

What Is Tracy Harrison Doing Currently?

Rick never mentioned what caused the breakdown of his marriage with Tracy, and she never revealed the true cause. Furthermore, after her romance with Rick ended, the West Virginian has made few public appearances.

Net Worth

Tracy’s former business partner, Rickbusiness, as seen on popular reality shows, is all on presenting remarkable antiques and frequently their purchases that require surprising sums of money. The now-56-year-old and his gang have gone through the shop’s doors with anything from Disney memorabilia to fully-functional fighter jets, anxious to sell their wares and walk away with more than a nice pile of cash.

Rick Harrison’s net worth is believed to be close to or slightly more than $10 million. Tracy’s ex-husband, Rick Harrison, currently owns the pawnshop. He has been fairly successful for the majority of the time he has been in charge of the company. Rick has done exceptionally well in terms of greens, according to many studies and analytics. One may argue that the lead man of Pawn Stars does not look to be short on cash. As a result, his net worth is said to be around $10 million.

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