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What Happened To Leslie Lopez and Does She Still Work For ABC?

Leslie Lopez, a meteorologist, is well-known for her weather reports on ABC 7, where she works as a reporter, anchor, and weather host.

Her on-point yet charming hosting style has won her fans among regular news viewers.

Because she is so well-liked by everyone, her disappearance from the network last year was immediately noticed, and many people are still puzzled as to why.

In this article, we will discover the reason for her absence from ABC and gain a better understanding of what the reporter does outside of work.

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Leslie Lopez a meteorologist
Leslie Lopez is a meteorologist with her Family (source: Twitter)

Lopez Began Working for ABC 7 in 2016

Leslie Lopez earned a degree in Broadcast Meteorology from Mississippi University. She soon began working at the KUSI network in San Diego.

She was welcomed into the ABC network family in 2016. Lopez’s career was subsequently centered primarily on the ABC network. While she did work for other networks in between KUSI and ABC, they were generally less popular.

Lopez worked as an anchor and live show reporter at ABC in addition to informing viewers about the weather. She was recently seen at the 2020 Oscars ‘On the Red Carpet event.

Lopez Has Also Begun Charitable Work!

Leslie Lopez volunteers for various charities in addition to her meteorologist work. She volunteers at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, which feeds the homeless. She organizes food bank events and promotes the food bank to new donors.

Even more recently, she hosted a virtual celebration for “The Children’s Advocacy Center,” a children’s organization that helps children who have been abused physically or sexually.

While it is unclear, it is possible that her interest in children’s charities was sparked by her recent motherhood.

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Lopez’s Absence Was Not as Concerning as Fans Had Assumed

Lopez’s steady career was upended last year when she abruptly disappeared from the ABC news network for several weeks. Several news viewers assumed she had left the network, which proved to be false. In reality, she had taken a pregnancy leave, which she only revealed after repeated concerns about her disappearance.

Lopez revealed her pregnancy in an Instagram post, where she also announced that she had been diagnosed with a pregnancy condition. She also expressed gratitude to her fans for their concern for her, concluding that she was doing well despite her condition.

It’s difficult to tell you that I’ve been diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum… without revealing that I’m pregnant!!

What Has Happened to Leslie Lopez?

Lopez gave birth to a baby boy in April 2020, as evidenced by her Instagram post.

She now works for ABC TV, but as evidenced by her Instagram posts, she does not let her career interfere with her family life. She even combines the two at times. She recently brought her son into one of her weather briefings in October, and he quickly became a fan favorite.

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