Jonathan Roumie and his Wife

A Wedding Registry Suggestions Jonathan Roumie Has A Wife, But Is This True?

Jonathan Roumie is adored by fans for his outstanding performance as Jesus Christ in the TV series The Chosen.

Roumie has always been open about his love for Jesus Christ and his Christian religion, but he has never discussed his relationship and dating life.

The actor’s personal life, like the Christ figure he portrays on-screen, is shrouded in mystery and assumptions.

Jonathan Roumie’s Relationship Status Has Not Been Revealed

Roumie, who is primarily interested in Christianity and his work, has never said anything about his relationship.

Even his Instagram feed is chock-full of behind-the-scenes photos from The Chosen sets, insights from rehearsals, and his thoughts on Christian faith.

He did, however, discuss his dating past in an interview with Spiritual Direction on July 30, 2020, where Roumie claimed being in a couple of romances when he was younger.

He did not, however, establish a spiritual connection with any of his past girlfriends, who, he claims, were culturally raised as Christians but did not identify with their ideas.

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A Wedding Registry Recommends Jonathan Roumie be Married

Jonathan has not made any public statements regarding who he is dating or whether he has a spouse. Fans of his work have long wondered, “Is Jonathan Roumie married?” If so, who is Jonathan Roumie’s wife?

There are rumors that he is married to a woman named Hannah Vanorman.

Jonathan Roumie
Jonathan Roumie with his family (source: News Unzip)

The rumors began after a wedding registry created on Bed Bath & Beyond’s gift registry page became public. Roumie is expected to marry Vanorman in June 2020, according to the registry.

However, the specifics could be bogus as well, given neither party has ever spoken about it. However, the likelihood of a wedding cannot be completely dismissed. Now, speculating on Jonathan Roumie’s children would be a wild guess.

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Jesus Brought Jonathan Roumie to Faith Through His Family

During the same conversation with Spiritual Direction, the 46-year-old actor discussed how his life choices and relationships brought him closer to God.

Roumie stated that he was raised as an orthodox according to his family’s custom and has embraced his home ethnicity. His father is an Egyptian Greek Orthodox, and his mother is an Irish Roman Catholic.

When the family relocated out of New York City, they converted to Catholicism.

He also stated that his faith had waned after college when he was in his twenties. He would rarely attend church since he did not understand his beliefs.

However, the actor believes that the actions he made at the time allowed him to become closer to his religion and faith.

Jesus Christ in the TV series
Jesus Christ in the TV series (Source: HollywoodMask)

His previous relationships with his girlfriends were not important to him because he did not feel religiously and spiritually linked to them.

He explained that these actions he made when he was younger demonstrated how important faith was to him.

“I think it was actually through several personal interactions,” the Ballers star explained.

“Girls I dated who might have identified as Christian culturally, but there was never this connection,” he noted.

Years later, Roumie is very close to Jesus and Christianity; as a result, his portrayal of Jesus in The Chosen is very accurate and well-executed.

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