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Co-creator Julie Plec Puts Rumoes to rest, Season 9: ‘The Vampire Diaries’

In March 2017, the Vampire Diaries season 8 finale aired. Fans are still eager for a new season almost four years later, and rumors of renewal have just added to their impatience.

TVD’s co-creator Refutes all Rumors

Julie Plec, the series’ co-creator, stated there will be no new season, putting all the speculations to rest.

The eighth season of the show has already ended.

Plec told Devdiscourse that finishing a show properly was the greatest honor he had as a storyteller in the TV industry.

“You’ve been with us for this run, and it’s a beautiful run,” says the narrator “Julie spoke to the TVD audience.

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Ian Somerhalder Responds to the Rumors

On Radio Andy, Ian Somerhalder, who played the attractive vampire Damon Salvatore in the supernatural series, addressed the rumors surrounding the series’ renewal. Many fans anticipated the new season will premiere in 2021, and Cohen presented the question accordingly.

When asked if a new season was in the works, Somerhalder stated, “I have not heard anything about a season nine.”

The actor made a joke about what would happen if there was a ninth season. “Damon has gray hair, and Stefan and Damon have canes that say, ‘Oh, I have to feed the kid,'” says Damon “Cohen was informed by Somerhalder.

They talked about how it was such a big deal that the show was still being watched by millions of people across the world on Netflix. Somerhalder stated, “It runs its course, and now it’s still alive, and that’s what’s so great.”

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Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder React to The Birth Control Debate (Source: Insider)

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Season 9 is being Discussed by Fans

The Vampire Diaries season 9 rumors were discussed on Reddit by fans. While this would be fantastic news for many fans, some were not so enthusiastic.

Since people have been viewing the series on Netflix, one Redditor, u/luvprue1, wrote in a post on the r/TheVampireDiaries thread about how they heard a second season would happen. They also believe it will be done with a new cast, and that the ninth season will not be the same show as the previous eight.

Even though many fans are content with Season 8 being the saga’s conclusion, many others desire more.


TVD’s Offshoots

The fictitious universe of TVD is still alive, even though there are no official intentions for a return. To date, two spinoffs have been released: The Originals and The Legacies.

The Originals is a TVD spin-off that follows a power-hungry family of ancient vampires who seek to rule over the town they established and conquer all those who have wronged them. It ran for five seasons on the CW from October 2013 to August 2018.

The Legacies is a spinoff of The Originals, which premiered in October 2018 and was renewed in February 2021 for a fourth season. Hope Mikaelson, a 17-year-old girl who is the daughter of a werewolf and a vampire, is the protagonist of the book, which follows her as she enters the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted, where she learns to use and control her supernatural abilities.

TVD was honored in a musical episode of The Legacies that aired on February 4, 2021. In an interview with TV Insiders, Bret Matthews, an executive producer of The Legacies and one of the TVD writers, discussed the spin-offs. He stated that working with Julie Plec and giving it their all was a pleasure.

Going back and revisiting that world and those characters, the entire show is a love letter [to The Originals and The Vampire Diaries].

Fans have begun making their trailers for Season 9 if it happens.

For nostalgia marathons, the series is accessible on Netflix, and the CW’s spin-offs have hardly quenched fans’ appetite for more.

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