Utkarsh Ambudkar

Utkarsh Ambudkar and His Wife Have Given Birth to a Baby Boy

Utkarsh Ambudkar and his wife Naomi have had their second child, Bhumi Ambudkar.

The multi-talented actor, rapper, and musician welcomed the new addition to his family in April 2020 and confirmed the news on April 22, 2020 on Instagram.

He mentioned in the post that he and his wife were blessed with a daughter named Bhumi.

Some love is being shared. Bhumi, our baby boy, was born just a few weeks ago. “Earth” is the Sanskrit translation of Bhumi. Today is your special day, son. Thank you for deciding to work with us. We are devoted to you.

He added a post-script addressed to his wife at the end of the caption. He described her as a superhero, queen, and goddess all rolled into one.

PS: Your mother is a superhero queen goddess, and you can spit almost up to your neck.


Utkarsh Ambudkar and His Wife
Utkarsh Ambudkar and His Wife (Source: Distractify)

Fans and famous friends of the actor raced to the comment section to congratulate the actor and his wife on the birth of their second child.

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“Congratulations to both of you! I’m very excited to meet baby Bhumi! “He’s gorgeous,” said makeup artist Kira Nasrat, while actor Paul James added, “late to this.” congratulations!!”

Similarly, a fan chimed, “Your child is adorable. Also, in Avatar: The Last Airbender, Bhumi is the earth king, who is a little nuts but incredibly great and awesome. So, yes! Goodbye!”

In a December 2020 interview with Telangana Today, Ambudkar discussed his experiences as a dad. He added that having a baby is no laughing matter, and that it might be frightening at times.

It’s scary because we’ve only recently started feeding our son solid foods. Come to my house at 3 a.m. every night to see a horror movie; I have a screaming banshee of a son who is raining bombs. I’m exhausted from lack of sleep.


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Ambudkar, on the other hand, is no stranger to having a child, as he and his wife have a five-year-old daughter.

The Godmothered star most recently took to Instagram in February 2021 to share a video with his entire family—his infant child, daughter, and wife.

“A 13-second emotional rollercoaster,” he captioned the video, in which he initially showed his wife cradling the baby and then switched the camera to their daughter, who was watching TV.

The camera-shy daughter, on the other hand, took the phone from her father and tossed it out the window.

On September 9, 2019, the delighted parents of two walked down the aisle. However, the actor has yet to reveal the facts of his marriage, as well as the identity of his wife.

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