Tristin Mays an American actress Treats Her Husband Like a Boyfriend

Tristin Mays, an American actress, has amassed a great deal of fame and notoriety via her beauty and talent, as well as a caring partner whom she has loved as if he were a spouse.

Tristin Mays is best known for her appearances as Robin Dixon and Shaina in the ABC series Alias and the Nickelodeon sitcom Gullah Gullah Island as a child.

Tristin, a native American, is now starring as Riley Davis in the revival of the 2016 CBS TV series MacGyver.

Tristin Mays’s Short Biography, Body Measurements & Rumors about Plastic Surgery

Tristin Mays was born on June 10, 1990, in New Orleans, Louisiana, to Creole (African, French, and Native American) parents Viveca and Michael Mays.

She is a professional actress, model, and singer best known for her role as Riley Davis in MacGyver. Jeryn, her older brother, is also an actor.

She is a stunning woman with magnificent body dimensions. She weighs 118 pounds (54 kg), is 5 feet 4.5 inches (164 cm) tall, and has a stunning 35-24-35 inch body.

Tristin is undeniably a beautiful actress; but, she was also suspected to have plastic surgery when she did a picture session in 2013. One of her followers thought that she had plastic surgery on her face, particularly on her chin and nose, because she appeared different from her typical appearance.

Tristin Mays's Body Measurements & Rumors about Plastic Surgery
Tristin Mays’s posing for a photo (Caption: TV stars info)

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Tristin Mays Speaks Against Animal Abuse

On September 17, 2018, Tristin shared an Instagram post to raise awareness about the brutality and abuse associated with China’s dog meat trade. The caption spoke out against all forms of animal cruelty, including the horrific slaughter of farm animals.

Tristin spoke up without hesitation and condemned those who abuse animals. She mostly discussed the Chinese tradition that thinks the more fear and anguish the dogs endure before being slaughtered, the better the meat tastes.

Following the explanation of the practice, Tristin questioned the existence of such a vile ritual and trend, which began in 2010. She also mentioned the heinous behavior of persons who stole/kidnapped dogs from people’s homes and yards.

Tristin also praised Plush Bears Dogs Rescue for their tireless work in saving animals daily. She also requested her followers to donate to the campaign so that they could run their overflowing rescue facility, and she ended the message with a plea to halt animal mistreatment.

Tristin Mays Speaks Against Animal Abuse
Speaker Against Animal Abuse (caption: celebily)

Tristin May’s Husband who is Like a Boyfriend: Who Is He?

Tristin, a rising Hollywood star, has captured the hearts of millions of admirers with her enchanting beauty and acting abilities, and she is becoming more popular by the day.

Similarly to her career, the actress has found love in the form of DeAndre Yeldin, an American professional footballer who plays for Premier League side Newcastle United and the United States national team.

The couple met for the first time in June of 2015. On June 29, 2015, they both posted the first photo of themselves together on Instagram. Tristin’s boyfriend was frequently spotted on her social media after that.

On her Instagram in July 2015, she posted a photo of herself watching DE Andre’s boyfriend’s football game while wearing a football jersey with his name on it. In September, she returned to watch his game and posted a photo of herself on Instagram with the message, “Game doesn’t start for about 20 minutes but I’m still looking for bae @yedlinny.”

Similarly, on October 19, 2015, her boyfriend shared another photo with her. He appears to be close to Tristin’s family as well, since he was photographed spending time with them in July 2016.

They most likely had a long-distance relationship because Tristin had to travel for her filming and DeAndre had to be on the field for his football matches. However, this did not affect their relationship.

Back in June 2017, she stated that her boyfriend made her birthday so special from Mexico, and she thanked him by uploading a photo of herself standing in front of his poster with the message, “He made my day so amazing from Mexico.” @yedlinny, thank you. Thank you, @johnny1vegas!”

The soccer player also demonstrated his abilities off the pitch on June 23, when he posted a photo of the two enjoying one other’s company on Twitter.

They are not seen together much on social media right now, but there is little doubt that they are still in a romantic relationship. On April 27, 2018, Tristin was asked who her favorite soccer player is, and she always said DeAndre.

The 27-year-old TV actress has not announced anything about their engagement or wedding preparations as of yet, but they are surely considering it.

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