Transgender Actress Amiyah Scott | Is She Married? | Short Bio

Amiyah Scott had been bullied her entire life and had an identity issue that required either acceptance or transformation.

She chose to change, but her parents were not supportive of her decision, leaving her all alone as a transgender adolescent seeking answers.

Scott joined the cast of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta in 2015, however, her appearances were not broadcast.

However, she now feels on top of the world, thanks to her position as Cotton Brown in Lee Daniels’ new series, Star (2016-2019), and her parents’ approval to be herself.

Here are some fascinating wikis about the transgender model and actress, spanning her life before and after her transition, her dating life, her idols, and her own words of advice. Also, determine whether or not she has a husband.

Amiyah Scott’s Wiki-Like Bio, Her Age and Life Before Her Transgender Transition

Amiyah Scott was born Arthur Scott in Manhattan, New York City, on January 11, 1988. She was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Amiyah Scott realized at a young age that she didn’t fit the gender she was given at birth. She didn’t have many role models as a transsexual girl growing up. In her fight against her self-identity, she was completely alone.

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 Amiyah Scott and her Boyfriendr
Amiyah Scott and her Boyfriend (source: Liverampup)

Amayah Scott Is Shy When It Comes To Her Husband And Marriage

Amayah Scott has not revealed anything about her current relationship status, marriage, or husband as of December 2020. However, she has since been seen uploading images with Joshua D. Johnson, which has left Scott’s fans wondering if they are dating.

Even though she has posted many images with Johnson, Scott has remained silent about the issue. That being stated, she will undoubtedly flaunt her relationship or married life shortly.

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Kellon Deryck and Amiyah Scott Had a Phony Relationship

Amiyah has been linked to several rappers. Among them, she recruited her hairstylist Kellon Deryck to pretend as her boyfriend when filming for RHOA in early 2015. However, it was eventually revealed that they had staged a romance.


Despite her claims that it was a sham romance, they had an amicable breakup in August 2015.

Kellon Deryck, who is openly gay, is currently engaged to his boyfriend.

Amayah Scott’s Transition was Initially Eejected by her Family

Amiyah underwent a partial male-to-female transition when she was 15 years old. She’d told her family that she didn’t want to be labeled as a man any longer. She completed her change into a woman when she turned 17, but she had to fight for her family’s acceptance.

Scott then opted to move out on her own and explore her options as a transgender and self-sufficient adolescent. Her parents came to see her soon after she moved out, and they accepted and supported her from then on.

That moment not only helped her reunite with her family but also proved to be one of the most pivotal in her life.

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