Touré Roberts

Touré Roberts And His Wife Sarah Jakes Have Six Children Among Which Three Are From His Ex-Wife – Here’s A Look Inside Their Marriage!

Touré Roberts is certainly a familiar name to you if you are a devout follower of today’s Christian society. Aside from being a pastor and an author, Roberts is also known for being the spouse of Sarah Jakes Roberts, a motivational speaker.

The couple, who are both self-help authors, have a total of six children.

In the past, both Roberts and Sarah were married to different people

After divorcing their first husbands, Roberts and his wife are now married for the second time. Lori Roberts, a children’s book author and devout Christian, was the pastor’s first wife. Their marriage was rocky, and he filed for divorce at Van Nuys Courthouse in Los Angeles, California, in 2014.

Similarly, Sarah, a motivational speaker, had been married before meeting Roberts. In an interview with Essence, she hinted that her former marriage was “extremely unpleasant.” However, no further information about her prior marriage has been discovered.

I was almost arrested during my prior marriage.

In Her First Date with Roberts, She Felt Vulnerable

Sarah claimed to have felt quite vulnerable on their first date after breaking out of her ostensibly bad marriage. She told Essence that she had forgotten what it was like to be treated well. Because I was so used to being tough and taking care of myself, being weak and being treated like a lady was not something I had grown accustomed to.

She described the occasion as “amazing” and said she felt “naked” in front of the author. “I felt exposed and vulnerable.” “Not naked in the sense that he’s staring at me, but naked in the sense that I don’t think I can hide anything from him,” she explained.

With him, there was a part of me that wanted to be the most authentic version of myself.

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The couple shares a daughter

Sarah and Roberts married in a very modest ceremony in 2016. Ella, their daughter, was born not long after. Aside from Ella, Sarah has two children from a prior marriage, and Roberts has three children from his ex-wife, for a total of six children in the Roberts home.

When the kids first met, Sarah admitted that she was anxious, but the author of Purpose Awakening and Wholeness was convinced that they would get along fine. The meeting took place in Disneyland and went off without a hitch, according to reports.

I was apprehensive. I wanted the kids to be as at ease with each other as we were. He wasn’t one of them. He understood that if God intertwined our hearts, he wouldn’t abandon our children. The family appears to be getting along fine at the moment, as they are contentedly living under the same roof.

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