Timmy Thick

Timmy Thick

Who is Timmy Thick? Birth, Age, Ethnicity, Nationality

Timmy Thick was born on August 21, 2002, in New York City, USA, under the sign of Leo. He is a 17-year-old Instagram star and social media celebrity, well known for running profiles not only on Instagram but also on Twitter.

He drew much more attention and garnered international renown after claiming that ‘Timmy Thick’ was a Harvard University experiment.

Family, Parents, Siblings, Education

The social media figure is only known by his alias – Timmy Thick is not his real name – and according to some reports, his real name is Justin – surname unknown – or Jason Thick, but neither has been confirmed, therefore his genuine name remains unknown. What is known is that he is of American nationality and belongs to the White Caucasian racial group, presuming that his web images are real, while his parents, siblings, and schooling are unknown.

The Professional Career of Timmy Thick

In terms of his career, Timmy Thick began using the Instagram app in 2016, when he created his official account with the alias ‘timmythebarbie.’ He quickly began posting films of himself twerking, as well as other provocative and obscene images and videos. His odd clothing style and unconventional demeanor drew the attention of other Instagram users, and the number of his followers rapidly climbed day by day. Despite the fact that he had many fans and supporters, he also drew a large number of detractors. He once had over 300,000 followers, however his account was quickly deactivated when his content badly affected many people and he was reported to the application’s officials.

This did not deter Timmy, who re-opened his account under the moniker ‘timmybeenthick,’ attracting over 10,000 followers despite the fact that it is currently set to private. At the same time, he opened his own Twitter account.

He has now reinstated his account and has around 40,000 followers as of early 2020.

Net Worth, Salary, House

Timmy Thick’s net worth is estimated to be in the $30,000 range, owing to his effective participation on many of the most famous social networking sites. His annual income is rumored to be roughly $15,000, however his actions show that these figures are estimates.

Where can we contact Timmy Thick? Social Media Presence

Timmy Thick is active on social media. He has a sizable following on Instagram and Twitter.

Relationship, Single, Dating / Relationship, Married, Affair

Although Timmy Thick frequently wears wigs and dresses as a girl, he prefers to be identified as a boy; he hasn’t remarked on his sexual orientation, therefore there is no information on whether he is straight or not. Danielle ‘Cash Me Ousside’ Bregoli, an Instagram sensation, and rapper Ugly God are among his close buddies. He is a great Nicki Minaj admirer and frequently posts material about her. Timmy describes himself as an optimistic thinker. He adores dogs.

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Body Measurements: Height, Weight, Hair color

Timmy appears to have short blonde dyed hair, despite the fact that his real hair color is dark brown, and he has dark brown eyes. He stands 5ft (1.50m) tall and weighs roughly 105lbs (48kgs). He wears a size 5 shoe (US).

Rumors and Controversies

Timmy Thick was a Harvard University social study experiment, according to a conspiracy claim that arose in March 2018.

He declared in a message on his official Twitter account that ‘Timmy Thick’ was a 24-month-long social research directed by Harvard University. He also stated that the study was over and thanked his fans for their patience. Jackson Beckfield, a professor in Harvard University’s sociology department, dismissed the notion, calling it false or a hoax; Timmy’s account was promptly deactivated.

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