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Throwback To When Kim Kardashian Asked Justice For Daunte Wright In Her Instagram Stories!

Since officer Kim Porter of the Brooklyn Center Police shot Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old black man, tensions have been high in the US city of Brooklyn Center in Minnesota.

Protests and a curfew followed the sad event, which the police chief described as an accident. Many people, including celebrities, have spoken out against police brutality while George Floyd’s memory is still fresh in the national awareness.

Kim Kardashian recently used her Instagram stories to urge that Daunte Wright be brought to justice. The beauty mogul uploaded a series of tales on her page in an attempt to raise public awareness about the tragedy and encourage people to help.

The sequence of articles began with a photo of the victim superimposed on a digitally generated frame, along with a challenge for her followers to “speak his name.”

Kardashian’s 214 million Instagram followers take notice every time she posts, and she used her massive following to help spread the word about the now-trending hashtag “#JusticeForDaunteWright.” Not only that but the story that followed closely paralleled the harrowing account of the American victim. The terrifying text was as follows:

He had a one-year-old child and was just 20 years old. He had no weapons. The police left his body on the ground for over six hours. The final story in the series described how members of the public may assist if they so desired. The article included information on Minnesota-based organizations that promote the cause, as well as projects that funded bain and legal assistance for individuals who needed it.

The demonstrators were reminded to take the required precautions in light of the continuing pandemic. Although Kardashain’s support undoubtedly enlightened many about the ongoing problem, the post was first created by CHANGE.

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The terrible incident occurred while police were attempting to arrest Wright for an outstanding warrant after he was stopped for a traffic violation. The cop on the scene meant to tase Wright as he attempted to flee by getting back into his car but accidentally fired her firearm.

At a press conference, the police agency also made the bodycam footage public. “I’m going to Tase you!” Tase yourself! Taser! Taser! Officer Potter was heard shouting “Taser!” as Wright broke away and took the wheel.

Warning: The material of this video may be disturbing to some viewers. Viewers should exercise caution. As Wright fled the area, Potter fired a single shot from her weapon. “Holy [insert profanity]!” Officer Potter screamed, “I shot him!” The bullet wound killed the victim, who crashed a few blocks away.

The shooting has provoked a new wave of protests among residents who are already on edge due to the trial of the first of four police officers charged with the death of George Floyd, which is taking place just a few miles away.

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