The Truth About Jason Momoa’s Viral Clip – Is His Testimony Real?

jason momoa

Many people watched the Heard-Depp defamation trial live because US courts now permit cameras. Social media has been flooded with videos from the case, with both sides’ followers vying for the support of their chosen actor. Sadly, some of the videos shared on social media are fake.

One is inclined to accept a video of one of Heard and Depp’s co-stars testifying since Heard and Depp’s friends have testified. Many people think Heard’s Aquaman co-star Jason Momoa helped the case after a video of him reportedly testifying in the slander lawsuit went viral.

There is a phony video of Jason Momoa testifying in the Heard-Depp case

In a popular two minutes and fifteen second video, Jason Momoa can be seen giving a slander trial testimony. Amber’s attorney reprimands him for saying hello to her in the middle of her testimony when he enters via video link.

Then Momoa starts making jokes, which makes Depp, his attorneys, and the courtroom audience laugh. Jason quips sarcastically that Heard and him were cleaners rather than actors on set. Amber is sometimes referred to as Amber Turd by Momoa.

The video was presumably created by a Depp enthusiast and is not real. The phony video makes use of Jason Momoa interview snippets and courtroom footage.

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