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The Text Exchange And Audio Leak Leakings Of Charli D’Amelio And Zoe LaVerne!

The steak is finished, but the tea is still flowing. In a well publicized argument between Charli D’Amelio and Zoe LaVerne in 2020 and 2021, D’Amelio was the target of LaVerne’s scathing remarks. However, after becoming a mother, the latter claimed to have matured and altered her perspective on their relationship.

She consequently announced that their dispute would be resolved in October 2021 as a result. But until now, no one was aware of the specifics of their private conversation. It has shed additional light on the entire incident thanks to texts exchanged between the two and an online audio tape leak.

Apparently Charli D’Amelio made Zoe LaVerne cry

An audio clip and screenshots of the texts sent between D’Amelio and LaVerne at what appeared to be the end of their conflict were shared by TikTok Insiders, a TikTok gossip account on Instagram, on April 23, 2022. LaVerne was heard in the audio clip discussing her interaction with D’Amelio.

In the soundbite, someone who sounded like LaVerne claimed that despite her “many” attempts to apologize to D’Amelio, the latter always left her on read—with the exception of one occasion. The voice continued, “And at the time she responded, she wasn’t very pleasant to [her].”

LaVerne admitted in the video, “She made me cry.” The clip’s origin and timing are currently unknown. The following screenshots show D’Amelio writing LaVerne two lengthy texts that express her annoyance and disapproval of her excuses.

D’Amelio believed that LaVerne had been against her since she started using social media. You have consistently attempted to diminish and discredit me, D’Amelio wrote. D’Amelio was also brought up by LaVerne when the topic was something else, such as Laverne’s breakup.

D’Amelio wrote, “You act terribly immature toward me despite the fact that I have never once in my life said anything unkind to you.” “But perhaps that’s simply the way you are.”

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After numerous video and photo leaks of LaVerne speaking deplorable things about her, D’Amelio continued by declaring that she was uninterested in improving. She claimed that she was successful on her own and did not require someone like LaVerne to demoralize her.

D’Amelio accused LaVerne of being insecure and venting her feelings on her in the text after that. The former questioned the latter’s demeaning comments as well.

D’Amelio advised caution, saying, “I would monitor what you say because people are definitely understanding that you are a genuinely simply not a good person.” “Neither do I want to be your friend, nor do I believe that we ever will be.”

The TikTok star asked LaVerne not to get in touch with her again by expressing she didn’t want to be around people like LaVerne. Following this text, LaVerne emailed her an explanation of the situation. Simply “getting [her] feelings across as well,” she claimed, was her only goal.

She wrote: “I want you to listen to what I have to say. I tend to overthink and make things appear bigger than they are.

She acknowledged, I say a lot of things without digesting or thinking of how it might effect [sic] others,” but added that she was working on herself. At this point, the screenshot removes her statement.

History of the Drama by Charli D’Amelio and Zoe LaVerne

When a video of LaVerne sobbing over D’Amelio’s larger TikTok following leaked online in July 2020, the conflict between the two TikTok celebrities got underway. The most followed user on the network, the D’Amelio sister, did not comment on the video. However, a second video of LaVerne disparaging D’Amelio was leaked in November 2020. She was expressing her dislike towards D’Amelio in this one. During her outburst, she also used foul language.

LaVerne apologized after D’Amelio responded to this one by sharing the tape on her TikTok. LaVerne reportedly offered an indirect apology, and D’Amelio allegedly disregarded it.

Things were rather quiet between the two from this until October 2021. However, LaVerne also became embroiled in other personal life scandals, including the sale of her baby’s photos, her husband Dawson Day’s TikTok ban, and death rumors.

She admitted that, contrary what everyone thought, she did not detest D’Amelio in an interview with Insider in October 2021. Her viewpoint on things changed after giving birth to Emersyn, and she pronounced the beef to be over.

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