Maia Campbell

The Past Struggles Of Maia Campbell And Her Separation With Her Ex-Husband Elias Gutierrez!

Popular for her roles in cinema and television, Maia Campbell is an actress and model. Her job has attracted a lot of interest, and everyone is curious about her personal life, including her husband, daughter, and family.

Elias Gutierrez, Maia Campbell’s ex-husband, and their daughter Campbell married Gutierrez in 1998. Their daughter Elizabeth Elisha Gutierrez was born in 2000.

Heavy claims that she refused to receive treatment for her bipolar disorder and as a result, gave her husband custody of their daughter a year after she was born. Since then, her father has been raising her daughter.

Husband and daughter of Maia Campbell

She is improving now though. According to her stepfather Ellis Gordon Jr., she is receiving support from her family while in a rehab center. He admitted that his family had been struggling for a while with Maia’s condition.

In addition, he said, “We continue to hold true to our faith and hope that one day she will understand that recovery will start when she decides to reach out and accept the care and treatment that have been offered to her.

With her stepfather, daughter, and ex-husband, Campbell appeared on “Iyanla: Fix My Life.” The actress expressed her desire to improve and shared tender moments with her loved ones. Elizabeth, popularly known as “Elisha,” was residing with her father when she made an appearance on the same “Iyanla: Fix My Life” episode.

Iyanla stated that Maia needs to put her attention toward mending their strained relationship before focusing on her desire to one day reclaim custody of her daughter. When Maia had the chance, she told Elisha, “I want you to know that I love you and that none of this is your fault and that you’re the reason I’m trying to get better… No matter where I am, you may reach me via phone, and I’ll always be here for you in some capacity. Now seventeen years old, Elisha.

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But Maia’s story didn’t finish there. According to a few accounts, the actress ran into difficulties with the law once more in 2015.

She was taken into custody on a charge of disorderly behavior and led in handcuffs from the eatery. In 2017, a video of someone requesting narcotics at a nearby petrol station appeared online. However, Campbell has refuted the accusations and maintains that she is in good health.

She hasn’t participated in the media lately. She hasn’t recently played any roles, and hopefully she is receiving the proper care she needs for her health and drug addiction.

2017’s Doctor Imposter served as her most recent performance. Fans have missed watching her perform since she went silent, though. Since there haven’t been any recent developments in her romantic life, she may already be over everything.

Her most well-known parts came from “South Central” and “In the House.”

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