Charli D'Amelio and landon barker

The New Tattoos Of Charli D’Amelio And Landon Barker Has Ignited Dating Rumors!

A collage of Charli D’Amelio and Landon Barker’s Instagram stories was posted on June 21, 2022 by the celebrity news website The original Tiktokroom.

It appears that Barker and D’Amelio both tagged the same tattoo artist in images of their recent tattoos that were uploaded at the same time. To commemorate the release of her debut fragrance, Born Dreamer, D’Amelio uploaded a picture of a tiny heart and a tiny star on her arm.

Barker, meanwhile, had a bird tattooed with the name Cooper printed beneath it and thorns around his neck. He didn’t say whether he got the tattoo in memory of Cooper Noriega, who passed away.

As relationship rumors spread, Charli D’Amelio and Landon Barker simultaneously share pictures of their tattoos. Following a recent sighting of Barker and D’Amelio together, speculation about their relationship began to spread. As a result, when they simultaneously uploaded the tattoo photographs, admirers became a little curious.

Mixed feelings were expressed in the Tiktokroom post’s comment area.

Some thought they were a couple and even said it would cause a rift between Barker and Chase Hudson. However, some argued that it might simply be a coincidence given that Arbel was the best tattoo artist in Los Angeles and that influential people frequented her shop.

People also believed that D’Amelio’s team was using this as yet another marketing ploy. They claimed that since D’Amelio’s fame was waning, they needed a way to promote her.

Rumor of Charli D’Amelio and Landon Barker’s Relationship

After ShootingStarLA, an Instagram feed devoted to celebrity news, tweeted a picture of D’Amelio attending Barker’s performance, dating rumors about D’Amelio and Barker began to circulate.

A second image of the couple leaving the event together was also posted. Fans started to speculate that the pair might be involved despite it being unclear whether they are just hanging out as friends or are dating.

The original Tiktokroom claims that Hudson appeared to respond as a result of the photographs going viral online and dating rumors developing.

“Yee if Chase removed his pic with Landon there’s sum going on,” one user said.

Good for her, a different user commented. His closest buddy will treat her fairly if he doesn’t.”

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Relationship between Chase Hudson and Charli D’Amelio

On February 14, 2020, the couple made things official; nevertheless, they parted ways in April of that same year. It saddens me to say this, but we’ve decided that this is what’s best for both of us. Hudson shared the news on his Instagram story. I wouldn’t trade our continued friendship for anything at all.

Charli announced the news on her Instagram story as well, explaining that she preferred not to discuss it because she had to deal with it on her own.

The TikToker spoke candidly about the prospect of rekindling her relationship with Hudson on her family’s Hulu reality series, The D’Amelio Show. She commented that because they were so near, they might run into each other again when the time was right, though she wasn’t sure when that would be.

After that, rumors of a revived romance started to circulate around December 2021. The pictures of D’Amelio and Hudson cuddling and kissing were released online. But neither of them made any remarks about it.

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