Toasty Mortal Kombat

The Iconic ‘Toasty’ Taunt In Mortal Kombat Started Off As A Joke Between The Developers!

The famed Mortal Kombat series is recognized for being a touch wacky, which is popular among gamers for its colorful action and engaging storyline.

The combat series is packed with tongue-in-cheek lines designed to bring a grin to the players’ faces, aside from conveying the story of gods and mortals fighting an unending struggle for the globe.

The well-known exclamation “Toasty!” is an illustration of how amusing things can get amid serious slaughter in this game. What’s even more remarkable is how this endearing word arose from a whoopsie incident.

“Toasty!” has a long and illustrious history

This classic line was created by Dan Forden, the Mortal Kombat sound designer. When Dan and his coworker, Ed Boon, played Super High Impact against each other, Dan would exclaim, “I predict toast!” or “I predict you’ll lose!” according to Screenrant.

After a while, the statement became an inside joke, and it became “I predict toasty!”

Dan should appear in the game with his characteristic taunt, according to Boon. “Toasty!” became a part of Mortal Kombat Legends when the crew deemed it amusing.

When Did “Toasty!” Become Popular Among Players?

An image of Dan appearing in the right bottom corner of the screen, exclaiming “Toasty!” in a falsetto voice anytime a player performed a particularly nasty uppercut, began as a joke and eventually made its way into the game.

The “Toasty!” joke quickly became a brand, growing with each new version of the classic video game.

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The History Of “Toasty!” Throughout the Years

“Toasty” in Mortal Kombat 2 initiated a fight with a mysterious character. Forden’s taunt activated when players employed Scorpion’s fire-breathing fatality in the game, however, he did not show in the bottom corner.

In Mortal Kombat 3, the “Toasty” remark reappeared, although with a few additional variations on the old form. When Sub-abilities zeroes were utilized to freeze adversaries, Forden would appear in the bottom corner and taunt, “Frosty!” in the same falsetto as “Toasty!”

Dan would shout “Toasty 3D!” in Mortal Kombat 4, stressing the fact that Mortal Kombat 4 was the series’ first game to employ 3D visuals. When players fail a minigame in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, they are chastised with “Toasty!”

Since the phrase has been in most of the franchise’s games in some form or another.

“Toasty!” In Popular Culture

The website Toasty popularized the term “toasty” on the internet in 2011.

It allowed visitors to recreate Mortal Kombat’s “Toasty” easter egg on whatever website they wanted. To make internet surfing more pleasurable, Dan embraces the bottom-right corner of the screen and screams “Toasty!”

In Skrillex’s song “Reptile,” this quote was repeated several times. In his song Been Fweago, the rapper SpaceGhostPurrp uses the lyric several times. It’s also mentioned in Starbomb’s song ‘Mortal Kombat High,’ in one of the lines.

Dan and the “Toasty!” taunt will almost certainly continue to appear in Mortal Kombat games in the future; the only question is how the easter eggs will evolve.

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