Expection of Child by Star Anna Konkle

The Expection of Child by Star Anna Konkle and Longtime Boyfriend Alex Anfanger

Anna Konkle, one of the producers and stars of the Hulu series PEN15, recently announced her pregnancy on Instagram with her long-term boyfriend, Alex Anfanger.

Konkle has been Pregnant


Konkle disclosed her pregnancy to the world on Instagram on January 29, 2021. The soon-to-be mother submitted two photos to the post.

Anfanger, her partner, took the first photo, which was a selfie. In the photo, the couple was all grins and hearts. Why shouldn’t they be? They are, after all, expecting their first kid together!

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The actress unveiled her gorgeous baby bump in the second photo. The expecting mother is enjoying her pregnancy. The photo also emphasizes the fact that she has been pregnant for quite some time.

Konkle commented on the photo beneath it, saying that the couple was expecting the baby to arrive shortly.

It only took me nine months to post, but the family is growing by the second.

Konkle appears to have taken nine long months to finally share the good news with her fans.

Konkle has been Pregnant
Konkle has been Pregnant

Both Konkle and her best friend are expecting a child.

What’s truly strange is that the PEN15 actress and her co-star Maya Erskine were pregnant virtually simultaneously.

Erskine, Konkle’s on-screen and off-screen best friend, announced her pregnancy on November 3, 2020.

Michael Angarano, Erskine’s boyfriend, also tweeted a photo announcing their engagement and the arrival of a baby. “And then there were three… and we’re engaged,” he captioned it.

In the photo, Erskine has dressed up in a black sweater and spotted skirt as her boyfriend/fiance leaned in close to her baby bump.


The closeness between the best friends appears to be stronger than ever now that they are pregnant together. Perhaps it has something to do with the actresses realizing the changes they are going through and the coincidence of accomplishing it all at the same time.

Erskine recently shared a photo of herself and Konkle on her Instagram story, along with the message, “BFFs making some future BFFs.”

Will the BFFs’ children become best friends as well? We’ll have to wait and see what happens!

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