Sydney Chandler And Her Boyfriend Louis Partridge Are Being Criticized For Their Age Gap – Was She Grooming Him?

Louis Partridge

Louis Partridge and Sydney Chandler began dating formally at the beginning of the year.

When Partridge was only 17 years old and Chandler was 25, they first became co-stars on the Sex Pistols miniseries set.

Soon after, the couple started to appear regularly together in public. But it appears that the two didn’t begin dating until Partridge was 18.

In September 2018, Chandler shared the first image of them. Then, in May 2023, she posted a new Instagram picture of a camping trip she had taken with Partridge, to which he added the comment that it had been “the best time.”

Sydney Chandler and Louis Partridge’s age difference critisisms

A video of Chandler kissing her partner at the Sex Pistols premiere in London in May 2023 went viral. The clip was uploaded to TikTok by a user who criticized the lovebirds’ age difference.

“On this hill, I’ll pass away. 18-26? Nope. Louis turns 19 in a few days. Nope for 19–26 yet. He was a minor when she first met him, and relationships between adults and teenagers are seldom typical.”

Their seven-year age difference has drawn constant criticism from the public for a variety of reasons.

By the May 2023 Reddit debate, Chandler supposedly pursued Partridge from a very early age and waited for him to turn 18 before beginning their relationship.

According to the statement, the actress persuaded him to break up with his ex-girlfriend.

The actor who played Enola Holmes supposedly took Partridge on vacation to several secret locations and was impolite to his followers.

“30 years old was never so bad-looking. Unfortunately, the breakout stars’ friends and family aren’t interested enough to stop it. Even if the subject is of legal age,”

The post went on,

“Because she is the daughter of Hollywood celebrities Kyle Chandler and Kathryn Chandler, Chandler has been referred to as a ‘no kid.'”

Relationship between Sydney Chandler and Her Boyfriend

One commenter said that the report was entirely accurate and that Chandler called him “baby boy” and “kiddo” when he was still 17 years old.

The commenter further asserted that the actress had essentially done nothing but provoke, block, and post cryptic messages to the frightened fans.

Sydney Chandler’s remarks are still limited on Twitter due to the criticism she received for grooming Louis Partridge, but her work hasn’t been affected. She is headed to HELL’s lowest levels.

That’s pretty unsettling;

“I don’t understand how folks in their mid-to late-twenties feel so at ease dating literal teenagers, wrote another.”

Another commenter said Chandler groomed in the traditional way, which is “100% awful.”

They also commented that it appeared to be fan fiction written by one of his jealous admirers, the same people who would simply trash anybody he was with and didn’t care about his predatory conduct.

The user went on to say that it was ridiculous to say that Chandler forced her boyfriend to split up with his ex-girlfriend.

Another person spoke up.

“A lot of women are doing this lately, pursuing much younger men who are NOT in their age range, as I have discovered. It is classic grooming. But why does this blind seem to have been submitted by a disgruntled fan or something?” 

Others in the audience agreed that if the gender roles were reversed and the guy was older, the age difference wouldn’t have been a problem.

Unknown posted,

“It’s not great when barely legal children date people in their mid-20s, but I find it difficult to express much outrage when I so rarely witness the same fury directed in the opposite direction. Are Billie Eilish and Olivia Rodrigo in similar relationships?”

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