Kristin Giannas

Stunning Meteorologist Kristin Giannas Loves Her Family And Her Brother Is A Cop!

Kristin Giannas, an American meteorologist, regularly updates her social media with information on her family as well as weather and traffic conditions. She’s been outspoken about her links to her family, particularly with her brother, Willian Giannas, a distinguished cop.

Despite all of the personal information, the traffic presenter has never mentioned a husband, boyfriend, or anybody else remotely related to her romantic life.

Giannas grew up in a loud family

Giannas was raised in a family with two separate cultures, having been born to a Greek father and an Italian mother. During an inaugural episode of Good Day Orlando, she discussed her early years, characterizing her family as “loud yet endearing.” She claimed that they all roared, even when conversing normally.

Giannas’ parents have been married for 36 years and have three children.

On July 21, 2020, the meteorologist wished them on their 36th wedding anniversary via her Instagram feed. She expressed her gratitude to them and made a joke about the family’s yelling and loud New York accents.

Celebrations take on a completely different meaning for a family where yelling is a way of life, complete with dancing and merrymaking.

Every year, her family performs at the Greek festival, and they make special goodies like Kourabiedes, Greek almond pastries, for Christmas.

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Her brother is a decorated police officer

William, Giannas’ brother, is a police officer with the Clearwater Police Department in Florida. He was in the army before becoming a police officer. On National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day and Veterans Day, Fox 35’s anchor has frequently posted about him. Her Facebook profile photo even shows her and her brother dressed in the military.

In July 2020, William and fellow officer Anastasia Leeman received the Medal of Meritorious Service for assisting a homeless family.

The two policemen came upon a homeless family and paid for a hotel room to bring them out of the cold, according to the Clearwater Police Department.

William and Anastasia divided the motel bill and purchased two enormous hot pizzas for the family. The two also gave the family of three a list of family-friendly shelters they might visit the next day. On William’s birthday, May 30, 2021, Gianna uploaded a photo of him in uniform and expressed her pride in being his sister. She also described him as one of the most powerful persons she had ever met.

Peter, her second brother, is studying medicine at the University of Florida and is making her proud.

Kristin – Is she dating anyone?

Her social media is devoid of her sexual life, in contrast to how open she is about revealing data about her family. She has never been romantically linked to anyone, at least not in the public eye.

So far, her devotion and attention have been exclusively focused on her family and career. Giannas, a member of the Good Day Orlando team, has been working in broadcast journalism since 2007.

Her work in the field of weather reporting has been commendable, with a degree in telecommunications and news broadcasting from the University of Florida and a diploma in climatology and meteorology.

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