Steve Bacic with his love

Steve Bacic Found Love After The Death of His Wife Carolin Bacic – His Children Approved

Steve Bacic, a Canadian actor who has been on Supernatural, Garage Sale Mysteries, and Andromeda, was previously married and has three children with his wife.

But, regrettably, Steve’s marital life was not destined to remain forever – he had to bear the death of his love.

It hasn’t been long since the loss of his wife Carolin Bacic. Steve, on the other hand, has moved on and is now with another woman. His children appear to like his new partner as well.

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Steve Bacic with his wife
Steve Bacic with his wife (source: Pinterest)

Steve Has Found a New Girlfriend

It’s been nearly two years since Carolin died, and from what we know, Steve has moved on with his life, or at least his love life.

Shanae Tomasevich, a model turned actress, has been dating the Garage Sale Mysteries star. Shanae regularly posts images of herself with Steve on Instagram.

On November 23, 2020, the actress shared a photo of herself with Steve and captioned it, “fantasizing about summer.”

More importantly, it appears that Steve’s children have approved of their father’s choice, as they are frequently photographed together.

For example, on February 14, 2021, Emma posted a picture with her sister and Shanae, and they appeared close and happy together. Emma also uploaded a group photo last March to commemorate Steve’s birthday. Steve, Shanae, Emma, Lily, and Steven were all in the photo.

All of this suggests that Steve has moved on from the grief caused by his wife’s death. He has begun a new chapter in his life, which he appears to be enjoying, as are his children.

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Carolin, Steve’s Late Wife, What do We Know About Her?

When it comes to his personal life and family, Steve is a pretty private person. He had never revealed his wife’s identity on his personal Instagram, which has since been erased as well.

According to Amomama magazine, the All For Love actor expressed a need for seclusion during an interview with Grazia magazine. He added in the interview that he did not divulge specifics about his wife and children because he was the one in show business, not his children.

Steve and Carolin have three children: two daughters, Emma and Lily, and a son, Steven.

But it appears that his children, particularly his youngest daughter, Lily Bacic, are unconcerned about appearing in public. And it was through Lily’s Instagram that we learned of Steve’s wife’s death.

Lily shared a touching tribute for her late mother on the fourth anniversary of her passing on January 4, 2020.

Carolin Bacic, a client care worker, died on January 3, 2019, however, the cause of death is yet unknown.

The referenced post included two photos of Carolin cradling her children while they slept sweetly on her lap. Lily’s thoughts were described in the caption, in which she stated that she realized her mother wasn’t there to hold her hand any longer.

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