Stephanie Szostak and her family

Stephanie Szostak’s Husband and Children Helped Her in Developing Resilience

During a 2019 interview with Byrdie, Stephanie Szostak admitted that she almost lost herself when she became a mother in her 30s.

Now, the 45-year-old actress claims to have rediscovered her true self with the help of her husband Britt Szostak and her children.

Szostak Almost Lost Herself in Parenthood

Szostak spoke to Byrdie magazine in October 2019 about her skincare secrets and profession. She mentioned her mother’s teachings when asked about the most important life lesson she learned in each decade.

She had lost herself a little under the pressure when she was in her 30s and going through parenting. Her mother approached her at that same moment and reminded her to look after herself. She stated that while her children were vital, she also needed to look after herself.

Maintain your life. You have children and are a mother, but you also have a life of your own because one day your children will leave and you will need to know who you are.

Then, right before she turned 40, her mother predicted that she would have a happy 40s. Szostak was taken aback by her mother’s statements and enquired as to why. Her mother informed her that she had known herself.

The actress from A Million Little Things claimed that her mother’s statements were accurate.

Stephanie Szostak's Husband
Stephanie Szostak’s Husband (source: Celebz All)

Since the Early 1990s, Szostak and Britt Have Been Together

Szostak and Britt have been together for nearly three decades, and they met in the early 1990s.

In 1992, the power couple hosted their first Valentine’s Day party in Paris. They married on August 30, 1996, keeping their commitment to being one another’s forever.

Britt is a former financial planner and currently a partner at Lenox Advisor, a Wall Street-focused advising firm.

The couple, along with their two sons and an adopted puppy, lives in Westport, Connecticut. On November 3, 2011, they attended a fundraiser in New York City.


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Resilience was Discovered By Husband and Children

Szostak, who had a difficult 30s, now feels reinvigorated and believes she has discovered her true self.

In an April 2020 interview with Westport In Focus, she credits her newly found happiness and energy to her husband Britt Szostak and their two sons.

The Devil Wears Prada actress revealed that it was only after she accepted solitude that she learned the joy of being with her family.

I get my energy from alone time, which is currently being tested. Though, that being with our loved ones is a blessing. We express our gratitude for being together and that we enjoy as well as adore each other.

Szostak went on to say that she and her husband had gained a lot of strength from their children. She stated that their two sons were always a source of inspiration for them.

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