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Sonya Currys 52-year-Old Bio Includes Information on Her Height, Ethnicity, Parents, and Family

A mother’s dream is to see her child succeed in their chosen field. And for Sonya Curry, her son Stephen Curry’s election as NBA MVP in the first-ever unanimous vote has done just that.

The Virginia native rose to prominence following the Golden State Warriors’ victory over the Houston Rockets in 2016 when she was featured on television multiple times throughout the game. It was until after the game that it was revealed that she was the mother of Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry.

Sonya Curry explores how to raise children and inspire them to pursue greatness in her book Positive Coaching Allowances. (Originally published on January 17, 2018)

She is a passionate teacher who manages Christian Montessori School in Lake Norman, North Carolina, in addition to her celebrity mom profile. Sonya, 52, is also quite active on social media, with more than 161k followers on her official Instagram account, @sacurry22, as of October 2018.

Sonya Curry’s Bio Reveals That Her Parents and Siblings are of Mixed Ethnicity

Sonya Curry was born in Virginia, the United States, on May 30, 1966.

Her parents were of mixed ethnicity; her father, Cleive Ester Adams, was an African immigrant, and her mother, Candy Adams, is a Haitian. Curry, who is 52 years old, grew up in Virginia with her two siblings, a brother named Cleive Adams and a sister named India Adams.

Even though her parents had different ancestries, she is an American citizen because she was born in the United States.

Sonya Curry with Her Family
Sonya Curry with Her Family (source: Bleacher Report)

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What is Sonya Curry’s Net Worth at 52 Years Old?

Sonya has stated on several occasions that her family is her fortune and that they are the only ones who matter. She prefers her family to the hard cash. Her husband and son are among the wealthiest athletes of their generation, so she isn’t in desperate need of money.

According to Forbes, her son Curry earned $76.9 million in a single season (2017-18), a significant increase over the $47.3 million estimated previous year. Her son is worth more than $100 million, while her husband, Dell, is worth $16.6 million.

Her Montessori School also contributes to her net worth.

Looking at her children and husband, she comes from one of the wealthiest families, not just in terms of money, but also in terms of happiness!

Despite Her Average Height, Sonya Played Volleyball

She went to Radford High School in Virginia, where she grew up, and later majored in elementary education at Virginia Tech. She was a volleyball and basketball player at Virginia Tech throughout her collegiate years. Despite her average height of 5 feet 6 inches, she excelled in both sports, winning state titles in both.

She went on to work as a school administrator after graduation, where she continued to use her expertise to inspire and give back to her community.


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Sonya and Her Husband Had a Love Story That is Typical of Athletes

There have been several cases of love on the sporting field, including Sonya’s. Dell Curry, a former NBA player, is her husband, and they have been together since 1988.

The pair met at Virginia Tech in the 1980s, where Sonya was a volleyball great and her husband Dell was a basketball standout for the Hokies.

Dell was the one who first fell in love with her and mustered the confidence to approach her after one of his matches.

As the couple went through their courting rituals, one became two, and two became three, bringing them closer together. After nearly eight years of dating, the pair decided to tie the knot for good. In every way, 1988 was a great year for the pair.

Sonya’s husband was selected by the Charlotte Hornets in the NBA expansion draft the same year they married.

The couple had no choice but to go to North Carolina. After Dell’s professional job took him to North Carolina, the couple decided it was time to create a family together.

It was still 1988 when the couple welcomed their first child, Stephen Curry, who would go on to become one of the NBA’s top players. Following Steph, they welcomed two more children into their family: a son named Seth and a daughter named Sydle Curry.

Stephen and Seth have followed in their father’s footsteps and are well-known NBA players, whereas Sydle has chosen to follow in her mother’s footsteps and is a volleyball player. Because of their celebrity, the happy family is currently living a lavish lifestyle.

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