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Rima Horton

The late actor Alan Rickman, who is best known for playing Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series and Hans Gruber in the 1988 film Die Hard, was married to Rima Elizabeth Horton, also known as Rima Horton. Before Rickman’s death, Horton and Rickman had been married for almost 50 years.

More information and mysteries about Alan Rickman’s wife Rima Horton are emerging as fans and the industry continue to mourn his passing. Even though Rickman’s acting career was filled with outstanding performances, he was able to maintain a relatively private personal life.

Since the mid-1960s, Horton and Rickman have been a couple. Some people view it as an amazing accomplishment regardless of whether the children were born legally or not. Their commitment to one another was nothing short of legendary. So how did their romance start? Had they any offspring? Did Horton get remarried after her spouse Rickman passed away?

From A Working Class Family, Rima Horton

Rima, now 74 years old, was born in Bayswater, London, the United Kingdom, on January 31, 1947. She allegedly comes from a Bayswater working-class family. Wilfred Stewart Horton and Elice Irene (née Frame, 1906–1984) had four children together, with Horton being the third (1905–2003).

Her mother was born in Wales, while Alan Rickman’s wife Rima Horton’s father came from London. Rima Horton went to City of London School for Girls, a coed private elementary school, before enrolling in the University of Southampton.

On January 31, 1947, Rima Horton was born in Bayswater, London, the United Kingdom. She was raised in Bayswater by a working-class family. Getty/Dave Bennett as the source

Her mother was born in Wales, while her father was from London. The former Ms. Rickman attended City of London School for Girls, a private co-educational school, before going on to the University of Southampton.

Rima participated in school theater productions as well as a number of amateur organizations, including the Brook Drama Club, which sent her to Paris in 1962. She had just turned 15 years old.

Her coworkers said Horton had a commanding presence and a natural ability to lead the group. At the Southhall Music & Drama Festival, where she co-starred with her future husband Alan Rickman, Rima received the Most Promising Youngster Award when she was 18 years old.

Politician and activist Rima Horton

Rima Horton developed as a politician and a spokeswoman for several groups and parties during the course of her career.

Horton was elected to the Kensington and Chelsea London Borough Council in 1986 as a councilor for the Labour Party. She served as its Chief Whip during her time there as a spokesman for education.

At Kingston University in London, distinguished economics instructor Rima Horton was married to actor Alan Rickman.

She did, however, lose her position on the council in May 2006. The “national shift” contributed to this in part (in which there was a swing against Labour, who had been in government nationally for nine years by that point). She unsuccessfully sought election to the House of Commons as a Labour candidate twice.

Horton also held a senior lecturer position in economics at Kingston University in London. In 2012, she acknowledged her retirement.

She joined the board of directors of the children’s charity The Making Place in 2002. In 2005, Horton resigned from his position. The Gate Theatre in Notting Hill’s board of trustees included Alan’s wife as a member.

Writings of Rima

Inequality is a piece that Horton authored. This was written in 1994 for The Elgar Companion to Radical Political Economy. The three issues raised in the text were whether or not people are “naturally equal in essence,” when wealth redistribution is appropriate, and, if so, how much is “fair.”

In industrialized nations, the health status and mortality rates “really depend on the distribution of money,” according to Rima.

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Alan Rick and Rima Man Had Been Married Since the 1960s

In 1965, Horton and Alan Rickman first spoke. At the time, they were both members of a Chelsea College of Arts amateur theater company. The age difference between Rima and the Die Hard actor was 19 years. According to HuffPost, she was his first love interest. They finally moved in together after dating for twelve years.

In 2012, Alan Rickman and Rima Horton finally got hitched. In 2015, Rickman made their marriage public. In 2012, the pair exchanged vows in New York City during a private ceremony. However, they didn’t discuss their marriage in public until 2015.

“We have been wed. just lately. It was wonderful that nobody was there. We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge after the wedding in New York and had lunch there.

With regard to his wedding, Harry Potter commented.

Why Did It Take Them So Long To Wed?

From 1977 until Rickman’s death in January 2016, the couple shared a home. The couple had no children.

Alan frequently referred to his wife as being extraordinarily forgiving and possibly deserving of sainthood. The late actor also talked about the €190 wedding band he had purchased for his wife. She “never wears it,” he revealed, nevertheless.

After Rickman’s cancer diagnosis, the couple, who had been together for more than 40 years, apparently decided to get married. On January 14, 2016, the actor succumbed to the illness and passed away.

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