Since Maria Brink Was a Teenager She Raised Her Son as a Single Parent

Since Maria Brink Was a Teenager She Raised Her Son as a Single Parent

Maria Brink, the lead singer of the heavy metal band In This Moment, overcame the pain of being sexually assaulted by her father and dealing with a drug addict mother to forge a better life for herself and her son.

Brink, a single mother with one child, saw her son’s birth as a watershed moment in her life that enabled her to escape the gloomy path she was on.

At the age of 15, Maria Brink was a single mother

The singer dropped out of high school when she became pregnant in ninth grade at the age of fifteen. While raising her son, Davion Brink, she moved out on her own and worked at a local laundromat to make ends meet.

Even though life as a single mother was difficult, Brink never regretted being one at such a young age since her kid provided her with the strength she needed.

She spoke about how he saved her in an interview with the Times Union.

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It was the most beautiful thing that could have happened to me because I believe I was on a dark path and my kid provided me with the strength and inspiration I needed.

The 43-year-old metal vocalist is not married and has never been married. She has been Davion’s single mother for the past 28 years and has kept his father’s name a secret.

Maria Brink Was a Teenager
The lead vocalist and pianist for the heavy metal band (source: Biographymask)

In her song, Maria Brink recounted her experiences with sexual abuse

Brink penned ‘Daddy’s Falling Angel’ for her band’s first album, Beautiful Tragedy, released in 2007, and it was about her painful background of her father’s abuse when she was a youngster. It also describes how he later abandoned her and her mother.

The metal singer’s mother was always there for her, but she struggled with drug addiction. During those trying times, her grandparents encouraged and supported her, and she was able to assist her mother in overcoming her heroin addiction.

Maria Brink’s son works in the fashion industry

She has an artist son with whom she interacts through expression and performing arts, in addition to supporting grandparents who attend her show and a supportive free-spirited mother who has been by her side through thick and thin.


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Brink’s son Davion may not be a singer, but he has inherited his mother’s artistic abilities to become a fashion designer with his clothing line, Etrice. He describes himself as a fashion artist, creative director, entrepreneur, and brujo, according to his Instagram bio.

His debut creative event, dubbed ‘SYNTHESIS,’ took place in October 2020 at Electric City Couture, with his mother serving as a co-producer. Alyssa Objio, who also happens to be Davion’s girlfriend, was the event’s visual artist.

The fashion designer has stated that he is a mixed-race man. Even though his father’s identity is secret to the general public, he could be aware of it.

In the post, he also talked about how he had experienced being torn down and how he had purposefully chosen to help others, particularly the Black community, rebuild. He also encouraged people to help one another construct. Even though it was for a social media challenge, he made his feelings known.

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