Robert Kelly

Robert Kelly’s Net Worth, How Much Robert Kelly Jr. Earns?

Robert Kelly Jr. is the convicted sex offender son of R&B singer R. Kelly. Robert Jr. nearly died when he was born in 2002.

The stress R.Kelly was causing his mother was too much for the pregnancy, and the doctors couldn’t find his heartbeat until after he was born.

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Robert’s mother, Andrea Lee, stated in an interview during the Surviving R. Kelly miniseries, “I was under so much stress that when I went to the OBGYN they couldn’t find his heartbeat.”

“I went through the labor and I just remember falling in love with little Rob because he came here so strong,” she continued. “I was under a lot of pressure.”

Net Worth of Robert Kelly Jr.

Robert Kelly Jr.’s net worth is unknown, but his father, R. Kelly, has a net worth of -$2 million. Robert Kelly Jr. stated that he does not want anything to do with his father at the moment. He currently plays basketball.

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