Georgia Harrison

Reality TV Star Georgia Harrison Says She Find It Very Hard to Date People And Opens Up About Her Dating Issues!

Dating is difficult for Georgia Harrison right now, especially because her previous relationships left her devastated.

She had taken part in the reality television program Love Island, which challenges viewers to discover the love of their lives. She was unfortunate on the show, unfortunately.

Harrison experienced a string of bad luck in her romantic life following the reality TV competition. Harrison is done with relationships and her love life due to trust concerns and traumatized ex-boyfriends.

The Disturbing Dating History of Georgia Harrison

On April 26, 2022, Harrison discussed her dismal love life with the Daily Mail. She acknowledged that she had a lot of awful dating experiences with dudes and that she would never date again. She claimed to be 27 years old and that she “should be dating and connecting with people” at this point in her life. Harrison, however, had sadly been unable to do so.

Because of her prior experiences, she has a wholly negative outlook on getting along with boys and developing relationships with them.

She stated: “I won’t ever date again. I never date. I honestly believe that I have a lot of problems.” She then clarified her statement and acknowledged that she struggled with trust.

She had to seek treatment since her trust difficulties had gotten so bad over time. The Love Island star at first thought that such sessions that would discuss her past would be detrimental to her.

However, she discovered some previously hidden patterns in her conduct after speaking with experts. She discovered, for instance, why she dated men who did not treat her fairly. Added Harrison “There are ways to deal with that, but it’s really an underlying issue. So I think I’ve gained some knowledge.” Overall, she found these counseling sessions to be beneficial, but it was costly for her to attend more frequently.

She wanted she could attend counseling more frequently, but the cost of £70 (or 86.90 USD) was a bit much for her. Even though she thought it wasn’t “that pricey,” she felt like it was. She only attends meetings once a month as a result to discuss her dismal love life. Harrison also tried Raya, a dating service for celebrities, to find a partner.

She has been using the app for over a year, but she now hardly ever uses it. This is due to the reality TV personality prioritizing her mental health and well-being over her romantic life.

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Issues with Ex-Boyfriend for Georgia Harrison

Harrison made no mention of the identity of the traumatizing party. However, it’s probable that she was referring to Stephen Bear, her ex-boyfriend. The reality TV personality charged Bear with retaliation porn in December 2020. He allegedly secretly filmed on CCTV videos of them having sex.

Bear rejected the accusations, but he was detained at Heathrow Airport in London in January 2021. He was suspected of leaking graphic images of people without their permission, which is why it was done.

“Nothing about the current conditions feels nice even the wins hurt me so so much because as an empath I just see the best in everyone and want the best for everyone,” Harrison wrote on Instagram.
Bear was initially detained and then later released on bond. He was then accused of voyeurism and two counts of intentionally exposing private sexual images or videos with the intent to cause harm.

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