Rapper ppcocaine Made Clear Which Gender She Identifies With Through A Tweet!

ppcocaine has undergone a journey as she looks for both her musical and inherent identity. It’s arguable that the rapper, who the LA Times once referred to as “the filth queen of TikTok,” first found her creative identity.

She was also having trouble figuring out her gender and who she identified as. But recently, she and her supporters have received clarification on that.

It wasn’t an easy journey for the genderfluid artist to discover who she truly is, but she is now proudly out as such.

The Changing Sexuality of Pp Cocaine

Surrounding ppcocaine, there is uncertainty regarding both her sexual orientation and her gender identification. Let’s start by discussing her sexuality. When the rapper was 12 years old, she first came out as gay. Although they didn’t seem upset when she told them, her grandparents still tried to persuade her to wed a man.

In numerous of her tweets, she has identified as homosexual and lesbian.

The rapper tweeted on December 21, 2020, “How ima be gay but detest girls, sounds like a challenge to me.” Similar to this, on June 9, 2021, she penned “Girl I’m gay” in response to a fan who mistook one of her song lyrics.

Additionally, ppcocaine was acknowledged as gay in a September 10, 2020 LA Times article. It contained the story about her coming out to her grandparents that was previously mentioned. The same is done in the August 28, 2020, New York Times piece.

Ppcocaine made a confident yet perplexing tweet about being a lesbian on August 25, 2021. “I recently came out as a lesbian to @nextyounginn. I hope you everyone can comprehend “She tweeted, prompting some people to wonder whether she wasn’t already gay.

In March 2022, she appeared to reach the pinnacle of her sexual development. She posted a video on TikTok with the message, “I guess this is me officially coming out,” on March 19. In the video, she lip-synced to some extremely suggestive lyrics from her own song. This suggested that she was not just homosexual or lesbian but also bisexual.

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On Twitter, ppcocaine Admitted to Being Genderfluid

Ppcocaine had avoided discussing her gender identity in public. She was a rising female hip-hop artist who was well known and respected by all. Female is a key term. However, ppcocaine came clean about how she felt about her gender on September 22, 2022.

She said in the tweet, “I am genderfluid,” drawing a barrage of supportive, grateful comments from her supporters. One person remarked, “So thrilled for you!!,” and another responded, “LOVE THAT FOR YOU.” Many people used a lot of heart-shaped emojis in their responses.

Even while it was a happy discovery, her preferred pronoun choice left many people perplexed. The rapper deliberated on the issue for a while as well. On April 4, 2022, she finally declared that she will start using the pronouns she, they, and he. After some introspection, ppcocaine tweeted, “I wanted to let you guys know that, because I am genderfluid, I will be going by any pronouns (she/they/he).”

Rapper ppcocaine, actual name Lilliane Catherine Diomi, is a native of Los Angeles and is of mixed racial heritage. When she was little, she spent time with both her parents and grandparents. She had a white mother and a Congolese father.

She appears to get along well with her sister and father, but she has a bad relationship with her mother, which she makes no secret of. On Twitter, she acknowledged that she didn’t like her mother and said that her admirers had stuck with her longer than her mother had.

Although she grew up listening to music on her mother’s mp3 player, she never imagined making music as a career. Instead, she desired to enter the fashion industry and eventually produce a lingerie line that could compete with Victoria’s Secret.

Her distinctive high-pitched voice, however, was only discovered during a test recording session with a low-key producer, and she quickly rose to fame.

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