Joey Badass

Rapper Joey Badass Wants More Than One Wife!

When it comes to love and relationships, Joey Badass is clear about what he wants. He spoke candidly about his personal life on the Lip Service podcast on January 26, 2022. The hosts and rapper immediately got into a discussion about their horoscopes and how they predicted their need for monogamy and polyamory.

While he couldn’t speak for everyone, Joey, a Capricorn who felt more like an Aquarius, expressed that he didn’t think a monogamous relationship was right for him.

Joey Badass Desires Multiple Wives

He had claimed that most people had been in polyamorous relationships their whole life prior to the interview. The only distinction was that they weren’t upfront about it. The rapper said that someone was polyamorous if they had ever engaged in non-exclusive sexual activity.

Men wanted more than one wife or partner, he said, but because polyamory was taboo, they turned to lying. The artist said it was okay for people to love and desire more than one person in their lives. He admitted that he wished to have multiple wives in a polyamorous relationship.

“I desire two wives. They will need to get along well with one another and be able to call one another if they want to party hard. But it’s not necessary,” he added.

He implied that he might eventually end up with two families living in the same city. However, he would love to have one wife in New York and the other in Los Angeles because he liked living on both coasts.

The rapper added that the reason he needed more than one wife or lady in his life was because he couldn’t find all he was seeking for in just one.

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Baby Mama and Joey Badass’s Split

Joey omitted any indication of having a lady in his life or being involved in a polyamorous relationship. But according to sources in 2019, he split up with his baby’s mother. On March 28, 2018, the rapper and his pregnant partner had their daughter, Indigo Raine.

He tweeted about the event in April with the words “March 29, 2018 my life changed forever.”

A few months later, the rapper celebrated Father’s Day by posting a picture of himself cuddling up to his daughter in bed.

He thanked all of his followers for their kind wishes and wished all the fathers a happy father’s day in the caption. Later, he discussed parenting while appearing on Complex’s Open Late.

“Seeing this tiny individual that you and another person co-created is fantastic; it changes your life. She resembles my younger twin. The most touching thing that has ever happened to me, in all honesty. And it literally happens every single time I gaze into her eyes,” the rapper stated. He continued, loving every aspect of his new position.

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