Photos of Melissa Lucio’s Daughter’s Autopsy

Melissa Lucio's Daughter's Autopsy

Because ABC is airing the documentary “Death by Mama,” about a death row inmate, extraordinary images of Melissa Lucio’s post-mortem have emerged.

The photographs show Lucio’s daughter Sophia, who died as a result of her mother’s abuse.

In exchange for Sophia’s death, Lucio was sentenced to death, but the case has been widely criticized as unjust.

Melissa Lucio has been sentenced to death for the murder of her six-year-old daughter.

Her daughter’s body was discovered in a trash can at their home.

Lucio has repeatedly claimed that her daughter wandered out of the house, got lost, and was killed by a car that passed by while she was looking for her.

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Photos of Melissa Lucio’s Daughter’s Autopsy

The death penalty has elicited a wide range of reactions since its inception. The case of Melissa Lucio, who murdered her daughter after years of abuse, has, on the other hand, sparked more debate than ever before.

Lucio’s twisted thoughts and the heinous crime she committed have been revealed in Death Row Stories, a Netflix documentary set to premiere this Friday (May 25).

Post-mortem images that have recently surfaced on the internet show the extent of the child’s injuries.

The images have also sparked debate about whether Lucio should be executed for her crime.

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