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Openly Gay Couple Ryland Adams And Shane Dawson Are Planning To Expand Their Family!

Shane Dawson, Ryland Adams’ partner, and they are prepared to grow their family. The couple disclosed in March 2018 that they have been dating since they first met on Tinder in 2016. Adams’ partner announced on March 20, 2019, that he had gone down on his knees for his beau. And now that they have been engaged for three years, they are prepared to move forward.

On March 27, 2022, Adams posted a video to his YouTube channel titled “Having a Baby *The First Step*.” The couple disclosed that they were making progress in their efforts to start a family.

Ryland Adams and Shane Dawson Starting A Family

They considered all of their options, including surrogacy and adoption.

“I really got going today, trying to focus and move forward. The sad part is that since we aren’t female, we must find a donor. Shane then began reading it and became depressed “explained Ryland.
Going over the list of contributors, she continued, was “depressing” and served as a continual reminder that they couldn’t do it on their own.

Prior to this, Adams had disclosed on one episode of his podcast, The Sip, that the queue, even with a surrogacy service, was 18 to 36 months long if it began right away. However, they disclosed that they had selected an egg donor in their YouTube video. Later in the video, his partner talked about their future intentions for their child, including whether or not they would consider raising their child online.

Because he didn’t want the world to detest him just as much as their baby, Dawson said he would keep his child out of the spotlight. He said, “People detest me too much to risk having their baby hated.”

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Shane took a break after the drama

Dawson had to leave the internet in 2020 after receiving a barrage of online criticisms, so we cannot confirm how many or how much people despise him. Dramageddon 2.0, which featured Dawson, Jeffree Star, Tati Westbrook, and James Charles, shook the beauty industry in 2020.

Westbrook lost millions of members and affiliate deals overnight after releasing a video in which he claimed Charles was a sexual predator. Westbrook denied orchestrating the video, but this led to accusations that Dawson and Star had done so.

Westbrook, however, claimed in a second video that Dawson and Star had coerced her into publishing the original video that started her fight with Charles.

This resulted in a widespread cancellation of Dawson, which prompted others to resurrect grossly improper behavior in Dawson’s earlier YouTube videos.

His earlier material included offensive jokes about pedophilia and animals as well as racist acts that included the N-word and the use of blackface. There was also old footage of him posing as a masturbator in front of Willow Smith, who was 11 at the time.

Later, Dawson took a break from social media and released a video apology called “Taking Accountability.” He’s already made a comeback on YouTube, although he’s been quiet so far.

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