Nigerian-American Singer Jidenna Seeks Mentorship When It Comes To Dating!

Jidenna, a Nigerian-American rapper, enthralled his female fans by announcing on Twitter that he was looking for a wife. Following his curious tweet, the ‘Bambi’ rapper has stated that finding the ‘correct’ woman is difficult.

But why should a musician as attractive and successful as Jidenna have difficulty finding a suitable partner? There appears to be more to this viewpoint than meets the eye. Continue reading to learn what prompted the record producer to openly declare that he is “searching for wifey.”

More of a stream of consciousness than a request, the tweet

Since the release of his critically praised album 85 To Africa, the Nigerian-born artist has been attempting to become more accessible than he has ever been, and the tweet was part of that openness.

Monogamy is something I believe in. Polyamory is something I believe in. Marriage is something I believe in. I believe in an unconventional marriage. In every partnership, there must be agreements and sacrifices. Above all, I believe in the foundation of Love and Honesty. I’m in search of a wifey…

The ‘Classic Man’ singer went on to say that he had trust issues early in his career and didn’t want to be in any meaningful partnerships. These feelings were attributed by the popular musician to his parents’ strained relationship and his unsuccessful previous relationships.

While it’s unclear what happened between his parents, the singer did post a photo from their 1969 wedding day on Instagram. According to the Instagram post, the parents married two years after interracial marriage became legal in the United States.

However, the rapper’s attitude has changed, and he now accepts both traditional and non-traditional kinds of relationships as long as they are founded on love and honesty. The tweet was nothing more than a stream of consciousness.

That was me talking to myself and publishing it. You forget [when tweeting] that you’re sharing this with the entire world at times. But it’s fine…how that’s open I’ve become. It isn’t a hunt, in my opinion. If it comes, I will accept it.

The rapper has also stated that he is open to monogamous and polyamorous partnerships, but that polygamy is not for him. His grandpa, interestingly, had seven marriages, none of whom he approved of. In his successful song ‘Bambi,’ the lyricist also addressed this.

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He requires dating guidance

Let’s be honest about this. Jidenna appears to be the type of guy who should be sought out for dating advice rather than given it. The Stanford graduate is well-dressed, articulate, and has a terrific personality. Nonetheless, contrary to popular belief, the 35-year-old bachelor is seeking advice on the subject.

The rap industry’s workings, busy schedules, and heavy pressures, according to the artist, have been a hindrance to his romantic dreams. He does not have enough time to have meaningful relationships with women. First and foremost, the singer is uninterested in the groupies. Second, he isn’t interested in dating someone just because she is attractive. He wants quality in his relationship, and “getting quality requires time,” yet he lacks time.

I am not dating anyone. A relationship can be compared to a garden. You must be present to water and care for the plants. I don’t have time for it right now. As a result, the single rapper is looking for sound guidance on how to achieve “quality” in his romantic life without jeopardizing his career life.

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